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Dawning Midnight Consortium / DAWNING

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The Dawning Midnight Consortium requests anyone who wishes to make a difference. Whether that be through the smallest deeds behind the scenes, to the pioneers who go down in history for conquering a frontier, DMC invites you to make a difference.


The Dawning Midnight Consortium was founded in 2948 during a merger of multiple small companies that shared one same goal: to serve and further humanity in its goals among the vast expanse of the universe. The proposal of the merger started from the CEO of the Dawning Midnight Corporation, Adel Alderson, in 2946. A list of companies that were merged include the Atlas Vision Security Corporation, Galaxicom Tradeways, Destiny Starlines, among others. The resources combined from all of the companies allows for low cost and efficient service to all corners of the ‘verse, whether it be discovered or yet to be charted.


The Dawning Midnight Consortium strives to provide excellent service to the ‘verse. However, DMC wishes to expand what we call the “‘verse”. If you feel that the unknown calls you, or that you wish to make a difference whether it be big or small, then DMC welcomes the opportunity to work with you. No matter how big or small the immediate results are, everything we do here at DMC will make a difference for better.


The Dawning Midnight Consortium welcomes everyone with useful skills, or the will to learn in order to help make a difference in the ‘verse. Although we value efficiency, quality is something we uphold in our service. Visible effort in organization activities will be handsomely rewarded and encouraged. If you lack certain skills and are willing to learn, or are new to the ‘verse, we still welcome your presence to DMC. Training for every position is provided, allowing for you to broaden your skillset and make a difference in the ‘verse.