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Dawnsong Explorers / DAWNSONG

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The intrepid souls of Dawnsong Explorers are always looking for the next horizon to seek out in the company of thoughtful, articulate, creative friends who value camaraderie over wealth and glory.


Dawnsong Explorers was originally formed in 1997 as a guild on the Chesapeake shard of Ultima Online. We’ve been through EverQuest I, Asheron’s Call I, Asheron’s Call II, Dark Ages of Camelot, Earth & Beyond, and World of Warcraft – although we only maintain an active presence in the latter along with Lord of the Rings Online.

We are a small group of almost all middle-aged adults – with a disproportionate number of college professors. Rain is extremely picky about whom he will let into the guild. Having gamed with the other founder (Dakani) since 1994, he will not accept anyone in the guild who is not:

- a person of the highest integrity,
- articulate and mature in their communication with other players.
- sociable, friendly and helpful to other players,
- interested in exploring the game world for the fun of it,
- and able to laugh at themselves, and us, as we leave our corpses scattered around the landscape.

In addition, most of us are pretty knowledgeable players who tend to compulsively research things (Rain typically has a spreadsheet for almost everything in any game we play), so we tend to attract others with the same compulsion. Also, since none of the principals of the guild PvP, we don’t tend to attract players for whom that is the primary focus.

All of this is to say that, if you see our guild tag under someone’s name, don’t hesitate to ask that person for help, guidance or advice.


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