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Roberts Space Industries ®


  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Trading
  • Medical

When you have a grief stain in your life, call on DeGriefer to remove it. We supply commodities, weapons, armor, equipment and ships. We delivered no matter the conditions. Medics available on scene at all times. We will even hunt down the griefer for a fee.


It is the year 2952, pirates are everywhere, but not just pirates…. Griefers. Public displays of griefing are streamed across viewing platforms. Some laugh and praise these clowns, but some will not tolerate such childish acts. September 28th 2952, the DeGriefer Organization is formed to defend and supply civilians “just trying to work and live life”.


Our priority is to help other players no matter what it takes.

Delivering goods, weapons, armor, and medical supplies.
Complete rescue missions and evacuation.
Bounty hunting and defense/ combat assistance.
Commodity trade including hostile area deliveries.
And removing griefers!


Help others no matter the situation.
Try not to break the law, but help others whatever the cost.
Grow the organization in both funds and player count so that we can help at a moments notice.
Always be ready to assist.
Take care of yourself.