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DELTA Shipping and Logistics / DELTASL

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Welcome to the first step towards a lifelong journey with DELTA Shipping and Logistics!


DELTA Shipping and Logistics started with a simple goal, to safely get things from one place to another the nice old-fashioned, blue-collar way. Throughout time, however, we have faced more and more challenges creating times where we must adapt. Therefore, we have created many roles amongst our ranks that allow you to earn your keep the way that suits you best!


DELTA Shipping and Logistics is dedicating to shipping it’s cargo quickly and safely to its destination. Furthermore, in times where we have excess security personnel, we may offer our shipping logistics service for a fee to those that need help defending the cargo that’s important to them.


DELTA Shipping and Logistics provides an HONEST way to earn a living.

  • Make sure you always hold yourself to a higher standard, you are representing not only yourself but DELTA as well
  • You must WORK in order to EARN pay. DELTA treats its hard-working employees well
  • Safety is a high priority. We want our employees to maintain a safe work environment whenever possible and to avoid cargo being placed at risk. We want you to enjoy your job and for clients to enjoy the quality as well