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Roberts Space Industries ®

Castle Security Services / DESOLACE

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Castle is the leader in security services for you and all your threat nullification needs!

We provide a variety services, including but not limited to, renting fleets and marine detachments.

For any further questions please direct them to us on our discord server:


Here we list our major accomplishments and battles we have taken part in/of:

Est. 9/2/2021


Castle will take on any job you throw at us. We would prefer jobs that do not establish criminal intent on the behalf of the organization. If you would like to hire us please contact us on our discord:

We will accept small jobs to protect/escort, such as singular fighter squadrons to defend a mining or cargo vessel. We will also be seeking larger contracts on behalf of organizations, if you are interested in procuring our services then once again please contact us via the discord link above. If our asset protection units become overwhelmed in an incident we will provide additional assistance at no cost to you, if there are units available to respond to the incident.


Members of Castle will be held to a higher standard than other mercenary outfits. We are the best, and we will conduct ourselves as such.

There will be no hostile interdictions against players who have done us no wrong. Remember, we are a mercenary outfit, and we work for those who pay the best, whether it be a solitary miner, or an organization looking to settle a score, nothing is personal, just business.

You do not have to be equipped with the best ships or equipment, but you are expected to heed the command structure of the organization. We aren’t role players, and we aren’t a mil-sim outfit, just well organized.

You are expected to conduct yourself in a respectful manner that is becoming of the organization. Banter is tolerated, just don’t let it get out of hand, especially with non-members.

We do not have a minimum log-in or game time requirement, as we are new player friendly, and understand everyone has lives to live outside of the game, however we encourage you to play a couple times a month at least.

There will be a zero tolerance policy on inter-organizational drama. We all work together.