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DFW Metroplex Star Citizens / DFWMETRO

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Welcome to the original DFW (Dallas – Fort Worth) area Org. This is a casual social organization that is open to all that wish to join.


History start now. Lets make it.


Created for DFW area residents who wish to have a local org. Join us in game, on discord, or at the next DFW Bar Citizen.


Here at DFW Metroplex Star Citizens, our primary rule is that we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves while playing the game. As such, our cardinal rules concern behavior, first and foremost. Violating these rules will prompt a discussion with an officer; repeated violations can lead to removal from the org.
1. All org members are expected to be respectful and polite when dealing with other members of the community. Griefing, interfering with other players, and otherwise being a jerk is not permitted.
2. Humor is welcome! If someone is offended by a joke, apologize and move on; if you’re offended, state that and then move on. There’s no need to go into depth on the matter.
3. The following topics are off-limits in general org chat:
• Fear, Uncertainty and/or Doubt about Star Citizen
• Politics
• Religion
(Minor jokes are okay for the above but let’s steer clear of major debates.)
4. Adult language in org chat is permitted.
5. All players are expected to treat officers and other org members with respect and politeness.
These rules are simply guidelines; it’s possible that situations may develop in play which require more specific rules. In the event that an officer makes a rule for a time that’s more restrictive than these rules, go by that rule until further notice; if we expect the rule to be in place for an extended period of time, we’ll add it in here.