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Dinkelson Secure Logistics / DINKELSON

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Don’t leave it to chance, leave it to Dinkelson!


Dinkelson Secure Logistics was founded in 2948 by Mr Dinkelson himself. With a military background, Dinkelson sought to bring the security and timeliness associated with the imperial navy logistics branch to the civilian market. Today Dinkelson Secure Logistics operates out of MicroTech specializing in secure high priority deliveries of both cargo and data. The company operates a suite of vehicles ranging from courier class up to medium cargo/data transport.


At Dinkelson Secure Logistics we’re all about secure deliveries carried out in a timely manner. Are you tired of your precious cargo falling prey to petty thieves and vanduul raiders or getting stuck in customs because the freelancer you hired forgot to fill out the proper forms? Then look no further! At Dinkelson Secure Logistics we offer you and/or your business:

  1. Full transport insurance in case of lost/compromised cargo.
  2. Double money back (excluding insurance) in case of lost/compromised cargo.
  3. Ample compensation in case of delayed delivery.


To ensure quality of delivery all Dinkelson Secure Logistics couriers are subject to:

  1. Extensive screening of criminal records and other compromising affiliations.
  2. Internal verification of exceptional piloting in excess of the standard certificate.
  3. Basic combat training.