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Directorate / DIRECT

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Resources

Scared of space? Stay on Earth!

Directorate will be a political and military factor.

Our ruthless approach and heavy handed shakedown tactics will be notorious throughout known space.

North America. English. We welcome and will participate in all play styles.


Directorate has long been known as an organization bent on protecting humanity from internal and external threats. When a wormhole appeared in the vicinity of the Sol System we made the ultimate sacrifice to save our civilization.

2638/5/13: UEE fleet of 128 ships with 75,000 “volunteers” crosses threshold of Auraxis wormhole. This information never reached public channels.

2640/10/18: Wormhole re-appears and another blind incursion into the void takes place. Directorate high command, upon receiving information of the Vanu that lie beyond, places operatives and sabotages the wormhole and fleet – leaving a mere 40,000 survivors and collapses the wormhole.

2643/4/10: Survivors of the wormhole fleet find the planet Auraxis Upon landing scientists experiment with Vanu technology, which robs us of our humanity in decades of mindless war. A small price to pay for t he safety of the Earth.

2645/6/19: Dr Pavel Shevchenko publishes his theories about the wormhole sabotage and the lost powers of the Vanu. He is never heard from again.

2942 – Present Day
Centuries of mindless war are coming to an end. With appropriated Vanu technology we have created a new wormhole to Terra sector. A modified Galaxy and escort wing is being prepared to transfer our operatives out of Auraxis.

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Directorate was masterminded as an evolution of multiple clans with over a decade of history and experience convoluted into a single organization. A unique mix of exceptional player skills and a historical background in heavy handed shakedown tactics brings us here, to Star Citizen, where a persistent universe will allow us to use our abilities in order to secure persistent gains in power, wealth, and influence. Time tested and proven tactics will encourage victories against stronger opponents.

Make no mistake, we’ve done this before and we’re doing it again.

Join the Directorate and conquer space. You can come play with us now in Planetside 2, we have an active presence with over 200 members.


Organizational Hierarchy:

This is an authoritarian organization ruled by decree (directorates) with commanding power vested in the Prime Directorator and the High Council. Operators are entrusted with making battlefield and political decisions on behalf of the Directorate. Controllers are encouraged to lead multi member operations.

General Conduct:

As a Directorator one must come to the immediate aid of all allies. Similarly, all enemies of the Directorate must destroyed on sight. Our political situation will drive the course of events in the game and keeping track of it will improve everyone’s experience. A heavy handed approach will ensure potential enemies think twice before crossing the threshold.

All efforts must be made to sabotage any efforts being made by our enemies, including the denial of services, products, and support.


  • Membership restricted to players who will be 18 or over in 2015.
  • Must have microphone.