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UEE Veteran sick of ‘the man’ telling you what to do?, a down on your luck Tevarin looking to lay low and avoid the Advocacy? a Banu looking for a little adventure or a political agitator without citizenship? No matter your background or basic level of sentience the DMG is always looking for crew!


—Known timeline of organisation ‘The DMG Free Charter’.—

Excerpts from reference texts "Mercenaries, Pirates and Vagrants: A History of the Fringe", "The Black and turning a credit", the Autobiographical "Ain't No Friends in Vacuum - The Maboski Story" and "Messer: Regime of Terror"

The DMG Free Charter, The Charter or just DMG, Was Founded in 2615 by veterans of the Second Tevarin War, jaded by their participation in the near genocide of the Tevarin. The “Dedicated Mercenary Guild” was seen by the veterans, people with only a few marketable skills learnt fighting the empires wars, as the only way to escape the blood thirsty Messer Regime, and find a world of their own free from the tyranny and oppression of the UEE.
Marketing themselves to the fringe worlds and stations as an instant force multiplier, they made a name as the people to call for any problem that needed solving with a gun, from convoy escorts, to raider deterrence, to bounty hunting. Unfortunately this meant always being on the move, not wanting to attract the attention of the Messer Regime, and not making many friends in low places due to their “Problem Solving”, they got very good at staying on the fringe, salvaging what they needed and moving on. For this reason they have managed to remain in the shadows and off the pages of the history books.

2620: Founded by approximately 30 unnamed veterans of the Second Tevarin war, unregistered with any official government or guild organization, it is rumored they came up with the name to make themselves sound more legitimate while seeking contracts, without having to interact with Imperial Authorities.

2624: 2 DMG Captains attempt to collect bounty on “Rim-Spiders” gang, claim that there were no survivors, Advocacy refuses payment without proof, and captains drop bounty claim when threatened with Imperial Navy involvment. Note: Multiple "Rim-Spiders" attacks registered on convoys from 2620 - 2624, no reported incidents after this time, official Advocacy report puts this down to raiders changing insignia.

2638: DMG are rumored to assist in the transport, protection and hiding of supporters of Senator Assan Kieren of Terra after her disappearance and possible assassination. Nothing is proven.

2644: Suspected in ambush and theft of military surplus being transported to earth for mothballing, no evidence found. Note: Officials at the time suspected that serving UEN personnel may have leaked transport co-odinates.

2681 – 2690: DMG are one of the first contractors to provide low cost convoy escort and transport to refugees fleeing Vandul raids.

2720: Unamed suspected DMG member caught smuggling weapons to anti UEE activists, DMG publicly disavows member, however suspiciously large transfer of funds moved to members families accounts from untraceable one time account. Note: DMG suspect was transfered into military custody and disappeared, not unsual for the Messer Regime.

2750: With most members being 3rd and 4rd generation from the original founders or the new blood, ironically a large Tevarin group, DMG now had the incentive and the skill set to branch away from their traditional work. With Vandul raids on the rise there was suddenly a lot of competition for mercenary work and the decision was made to put the skills learnt living on the fringe to good use, exploration, salvage, high value transport and freelancing.

2773: DMG reformed their structure from a disorganized grouping of sometime space pirates, hired guns, bounty hunters and freelancers into the DMG Free Charter, Specializing in Exploration and Salvage. Note: First official record of organisation, multiple members registered with Advocacy and local Authorites for Trade/Navigation/Salvage permits and licenses

2798: With the overthrow of the “Benevolent” Imperator, many members leave the DMGFC looking to rejoin the core worlds of UEE and participate in the new Age of Enlightenment promised by the new Imperator Erin Toi leaving only the most skeptical behind to continue eking out a livehood on the fringe.

2947 19th April: In an effort to move away from their private military and semi-legal trade of the years before The DMG Free Charter, enters the Rent A Cap Affiliate program, granting them preferred broker status and sponsoring the Rent A Cap Grand Open.

2947 29th May: The DMG Free Charter Joined the Citizens Coffee Company, in search for more exploration and salvage contracts from legitimate business contacts.

2947 11th July: The DMG Free Charter is approached by Loyal Traders Inc. a reputable trade and mining concern, Loyal Traders Inc. realized the value in the Free Charters exploration capabilities, and the adage “Its good to have friends in low places”, meanwhile the Free Charter could see the benefit in a dedicated logistical partner, and client to trade their many exploration finds to, the result is a affiliation and trade agreement.

2947 27th August: Members of the DMGFC are implicated in the infamous Novelty Poultry Heist, while no charges are laid, Space Rubber Ducky’s pop up for sale all through the fringe, often in systems recently visited by the DMGFC.

Present: While the DMG Free Charter is an organisation with over 160 years of history, its impact on the history books remain vague, content to operate on the fringes of civilized space keeping a low profile. However it is registered with government authorities, many members being citizens in good standing, as records show, however those same records also leave a lot of unaswered questions and show a suspicious but as yet unproven pattern to this ‘Jack of all Trades’ organisation.. Note: Freedom of Information Act Request to UEN - DENIED, Advocacy records request - Approved (Limited Access)

Registered Permits and Licenses currently held by known members

  • -Bounty Hunter License.
  • -Registered Trade Licence Class 3 with hazardous goods permit.
  • -Registered Exploration and Jump Point Mapping Permit.
  • -Class 4 Mining Permit.
  • -G Class Ground Vehicle License
  • -Multiple Weapons Permits.
  • -Private Space Security License.

UEE Ship Registry records, show an eclectic collection of vessels registered to known/suspected DMGFC Members, Including but not limited to:

  • 6 xAopoa, Nox – Ultra-Light Space and Ground Vehicle.
  • 5 x Drake Interplanetary, Dragonfly – Ultra-Light Space and Ground Vehicle.
  • 4 x Drake Interplanetary, Cutlass Black – Militia Patrol Vessel.
  • 3 x Drake Interplanetary, Cutlass Blue – Militia/Police Patrol Vessel.
  • 3 x Drake Interplanetary, Cutlass Red – Search and Rescue Vessel.
  • 1 x Drake Interplanetary, Buccaneer – Interdiction Fighter.
  • 2 x Drake Interplanetary, Caterpillar – Modular Cargo Vessel.
  • 2 x Drake Interplanetary, Herald – Info Runner.
  • 2 x Kruger Intergalactic, P-52 Merlin – Snub Fighter.
  • 2 x Kruger Intergalactic, P-72 Archimedes – Snub Fighter/Personal Race Vessel.
  • 2 x Roberts Space Industries, Aurora MR – Personal Transport.
  • 1 x Roberts Space Industries, Aurora CL – Personal Transport/Mercantile Vessel.
  • 1 x Roberts Space Industries, Aurora ES – Personal Transport/Exploration Vessel.
  • 1 x Roberts Space Industries, Aurora LX – Light Mercantile/Exploration Vessel.
  • 8 x Roberts Space Industries, Aurora LN – Militia Patrol Vessel.
  • 2 x Roberts Space Industries, Constellation Aquila – Exploration Vessel.
  • 1 x Roberts Space Industries, Constellation Taurus – Exploration Vessel.
  • 1 x Roberts Space Industries, Constellation Phoenix – Luxury Touring Vessel.
  • 1 x Roberts Space Industries, Orion – Industrial Mining Vessel.
  • 4 x Roberts Space Industries, Polaris – Corvette Class Capital Ship.
  • 2 x Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern, Freelancer DUR – Exploration Vessel.
  • 1 x Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern, Freelancer MIS – Militia Vessel.
  • 1 x Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern, Hull B – Cargo Vessel.
  • 2 x Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern, Hull D – Cargo Vessel.
  • 1 x Aegis Dynamics, Avenger Stalker – Interceptor.
  • 1 x Aegis Dynamics, Vanguard Sentinel – E Warfare Vessel.
  • 1 x Aegis Dynamics, Vanguard Warden – Long Range Fighter..
  • 2 x Aegis Dynamics, Eclipse – Stealth Bomber.
  • 3 x Aegis Dynamics, Redeemer – Military Gunship/Dropship.
  • 3 x Aegis Dynamics, Reclaimer – Military Salvage Vessel.
  • 2 x Aegis Dynamics, Hammerhead – Heavy Gunship.
  • 1 x Aegis Dynamics, Idris-P – Frigate Class Capital Ship.
  • 1 x Aegis Dynamics, Javelin – Destroyer Class Capital Ship.
  • 4 x Anvil Aerospace, Carrack – Military Exploration Vessel.
  • 4 x Anvil Aerospace, Terrapin – Military Scanning/Exploration Vessel.
  • 2 x Anvil Aerospace, Crucible – Mobile Repair Vessel.
  • 1 x Anvil Aerospace, F7C Hornet – Civilian Close Support Fighter.
  • 2 x Anvil Aerospace, F7C-R Hornet Tracker – Recon/Command and Control Fighter.
  • 2 x Anvil Aerospace, F7C-S Hornet Ghost – Infiltration/Stealth Fighter.
  • 2 x Anvil Aerospace, F7C-M Super Hornet – Space Superiority Fighter.
  • 1 x Anvil Aerospace, Gladiator – Bomber.
  • 1 x Consolidated Outland, Mustang Alpha – Personal Transport/Light Fighter.
  • 2 x Consolidated Outland, Pioneer – Colony Construction Vessel.
  • 2 x Origin, 890 Jump – Luxury Touring Vessel.
  • 2 x Origin, 300I – Personal Touring Vessel.
  • 2 x Origin, 315P – Personal Exploration Vessel.
  • 2 x Origin, 325A – Interdiction Fighter.
  • 2 x Origin, 350R – Race Vessel.
  • 2 x Origin, 85x – Luxury Shuttle.
  • 3 x Origin, 600i Explorer. Luxury Exploration Vessel.
  • 2 x ARGO Astronautics, MPUV Cargo – Short range cargo ferry.
  • 1 x ARGO Astronautics, MPUV Personnel – Short range personnel ferry.
  • 2 x Esperia, Prowler – Tevarin Reproduction Stealth Dropship.
  • 2 x Banu, Defender – Light Escort Fighter.
  • 2 x Banu, Merchantman – Versatile Freighter.

Addendum: Available Advocacy records show extremely limited prosecuted criminal activity, however multiple members currently show up as suspects/Persons of interest, in but not limited to;

  1. Piracy
  2. Illegal Salvage
  3. Non-Reporting of navigational hazards
  4. Arson
  5. Petty Theft
  6. Common Assault
  7. Assault with a deadly weapon
  8. Murder
  9. Illegal broadcasting
  10. Smuggling
  11. Non-Compliance with Space Lane Regulations
  12. Space Rubber Ducky Larceny??? Note: Space Rubber Ducky Larceny??????????!#$!%!#????


Who are The DMG Free Charter? Jack of All Trades, Explorers, Salvagers, Smugglers, Freelancers, Travellers, Bounty Hunters, maybe even pirates, if theres a job needs doing, there’s a charter captain to do it, as long as it doesn’t break their “Code” they will get the job done, what that “Code” is, they wont say, sometimes they will turn down a job without an explanations other than the “Code” wont allow it. That being said, they take a job, the job gets done, ask around any of the verse’s seedy spaceport bars and you will find someone cursing the DMG for stealing their ship, their wife or their dog, ask them in the same sentence who to hire to salvage a Vandul Carrier in the middle of a Xi’An military zone, or how to smuggle weapons under the Imperial Navies nose, or the best oufit to scan a system with an unstable singularity for new Jump points, their answer everytime , ‘Get yourself a charter captain, they’ll get the job done, just dont trust them with nothin aint nailed down’

The DMG Free Charter, has only 2 goals, the first, best said on an ancient earth vid show, that just happens to be popular with many Charter Captains and crews – “A ship would bring you work, a gun would help you keep it. A captain’s goal was simple: find a crew, find a job, keep flying.”
While the Second Tevarin War was over before any current charter members were even born, and those veterans who first founded the DMG are long dead their descendants, and the new blood that had signed on in the 160 years since have taken this quote to heart ‘Find a crew, find a job, keep flying’. Quite often charter members live from job to job, living on their ships or in rented hangars, as long as they have a ship, a gun to protect it, and a crew to fly it they want for little else.
The second, is less well known or understood, never elaborated on with anyone outside the charter, and only spoken of in hushed tones when strangers are near, but if your keen eared and a little noisy you may hear the words “Terra Nullius” whispered in solemn serious tones…….shortly after you will probably be introduced first to the muzzle of a gun and secondly to an airlock, eavesdroppers be warned.

Rumours and Lore
The DMG Free Charter is an eclectic assemblage of people from a diverse set of backgrounds, UEE military veterans, criminals, political agitators, Law abiding citizens, adventurous Banu, even a small number of Tevarin, all mixed together in a sealed can and sent spinning through space on the fringe for over 200 hundred years has created recipe for some eccentric habits, such as callsigns being passed down along with property, a unique….some would say ‘nasal’ accent, and a penchant for strong liquor, and stronger words, its said that even UEE Marines blush after hearing a Charter captain say hello.


The DMG Free Charter is governed by a set of rules set down over 160 years ago by the founding members, an eclectic, some say insane group of disgruntled veterans, ex-advocacy agents, political malcontents and Tevarin refugees.
While technically any crew serving aboard a Free Charter vessel, are considered members of the DMG, the “Charter” is held by the ships captain, whether this is a single seat fighter, a small private trading vessel or one of the DMG’s multi-crew exploration or salvage vessels. In order to be issued a charter by the DMG a Captain must fulfill some basic requirements, firstly they must have served on a DMG vessel under a chartered Captain, secondly they must have risen to the rank of Master Chief, lastly they must own their own ship.
The Charter, is best described as a semi legal document somewhere between the ancient earth “Letter of Marque” and the “Chartered Companies” of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries without any of the originals official state backing, essentially it incorporates the DMG, under a corporate charter, setting out the rights, privileges and responsibilities of members while also outlining a ranking structure for charter members and a structure for “Prize” money and payments. It also references “The Code” an ambiguous set of rules that are rarely written down, passed by verbally by crews to new members.

Below is a partial copy of the Charter blank, that each member signs upon reaching the rank of Master Chief, it contains in itself an excerpt of the original deceleration that founded the DMG Free Charter. It is made up of the ’15 Articles’ essentially they codify the day to day organisational structure of the Free Charter, its crews, and their rights and responsibilities as members, it is commonly believed to be important, but much less so than “The Code”. “This letter of Charter has been granted to………………………………………….. On the ………………………… in the year…………………… It is the will of the DMG Free Charter that the bearer be granted hospitality, sanctuary and safe passage should it be requested, all associated costs to be reimbursed by the DMG. The Dedicated Mercenary Guild, is hereby incorporated into the Dedicated Mercenary Guild Free Charter, on the 4th of November in the year 2625 AD, for the distinct purpose of seeking trade, contracts and employment for its Charter members, unimpeded by Pirates, Tyrants and hostile Xenos species. Owing no fealty to any state, species or law, we hearby declare ourselves to be beholden only to our conscience and the code, with no authority higher than the Charter itself and the Code we follow.

While no official written version of “The Code” exists, as it is essentially an oral tradition of sayings governing what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behavior within the The DMG Free Charter,
Below are curated some known examples (Translations and extrapolation where available)

  1. Captains got the Chain till its used too much. Translation;Reference to "The chain of command" A responsible captain expects loyalty/obedience from their crew, while in turn a crew expects that a captain will look after their best interests, it is rumored that poor captains have been 'introduced to Mr Black' vernacular for being pushed out an airlock, in deep space.
  2. Blue on blue means death to you.
    Translation; 'Blue on Blue' old earth war gaming jargon, refering to 'Friendly Fire', believe this to be a threat against betrayal of other charter members.
  3. Shiny ships fly true.
    Translation; Appears to be a warning concerning proper ship maintenance, as DMG crews take great pride in their ships, it is written into the charter that before a "Prize" is split among the crew firstly ship costs and maintenance are paid.
  4. When the charter calls the charter answers.
    Translation; When a member of the DMG Free Charter, calls for assistance, other Charter members are expected to provide it.
  5. DMG don’t forget no ill or slight of hand or word.
    Translation; Appears to be a basic threat that any believed wrong against any Charter member will be remembered by the group in its entirety.
  6. Harm none who aint deserving.
    Translation; Self explanatory, however further analysis shows that what is considered "deserving" has a broad range, and the smallest of slights, or perceived injustice, is enough to justify 'Harm'.
  7. Shisno’s get shot.
    Translation; ERROR, appears to be crude threat. Term 'Shisno' unknown, only found reference "Red vs Blue", no further information available.
  8. Homeward bound to Terra Nullius.
    Translation; "Terra Nullius" Old earth latin, "nobody's land", which was used to describe territory which has never been subject to the sovereignty of any state. Extrapolation: the DMG Free Charter seek to find an unclaimed habitable planet with no native sentient life to claim as their own.