Roberts Space Industries

Dust Runner Enterprises / DRE

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We get DIRTY… You know exactly what we mean.


Lets not trouble ourselves with the fine details. All you need to know, is that we have extensive experience in a broad range of skills and situations. The fact that we have been doing this for years and remain in “business”. Whilst we do not merely survive out here on the fringe we thrive on hardship, is all the background you need to know.


We provide a plausibly legitimate lucrative salvage, aggressive repossession and discreet cargo logistics business.

We get the dirty jobs done that others are not inclined to involve themselves directly in. We will leave you and the local enforcers to the task of figuring out the legality of our questionable, but proven effective methods. However there is no uncertainty about our ability to deliver on your strictly verbal contract requirements.

Other services we provide include Non-licenced mining, Hostile sector control, Involuntary escorts, Commodity collection and trade, security collection, information acquisition. Almost any requirement can be negotiated.

Another key feature that we cater to is alternative payment options. Perhaps you’re not in a position to pay with hard currency, not a problem. We accept payment installments at a generously fair interest rate. Miss an installment and we will harvest your organs… Kidding! Or are we… Other payments include trade, labor, favors and collateral.


Personal are valued highly in our organisation as not everyone has the metal to survive the hard knocks out on the fringe.
Not for the faint of heart the job has an element of danger, and we all work hard for the life we hold.
Those that make the cut will be considered not mere employees, but pillars on which to build our organisations continued enterprise.

Secure in the knowledge that they belong to an organisation of like minded, loyal and motivated peers, willing to do what is needed for their own. The far reaches of the verse are the limit with what opportunity we provide.

As necessity of living on the fringe, we indulge in both lawful and some more questionable measures, in order to secure our next meal ticket and keep our good health in a stable condition. We remain free.
We plan on out running the verse for as long as we can. When it finally catches up… well, we will worry about that then.

If the thrill of adventure, seeing the verse, and the freedom of a diverse career suit you, then please contact one of our “approachable” personal.