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Roberts Space Industries

C:\Drive / DRIVE

  • PMC
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  • Role play
  • Security
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting

C:\Drive. For the right price, we will delete anyone’s system32.

Now that the pun is out of the way, come check out our group!

Group Page:

Apply or contact SGCam8 for more info!


A group of elite pilots drawn from many realms of space and simulation games, coming here to Star Citizen to acquire fame, credits, and fun.

On release we aim to be the greatest mercenary faction known to man. Until then, check out our forces in Space Engineers, Elite Dangerous, Pulsar, and more!


Get Money

Execute contracts for organizations within the realms of security and bounty hunting. Will also perform ‘less legal’ tasks for the right price.

Get Rep

Always execute a contract to completion. Or die trying.

Get Pro

Become and stay masters of piloting and combat.

Have Fun

Why play a game if you can’t enjoy it!


Many of us met playing Space Engineers. But we have grown some from there (our RSI corporation is NOT representative of our whole group), and are always happy to integrate and socialize with new people. We accept players of any skill level; the only requirement is to have fun. Some of the group will play Star Citizen religiously when it releases- that is not expected of everyone. We are here to have a good time and meet people, so winning (while AWESOME) is usually a secondary objective.