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DropTeam Hated-9 / DROPTEAM

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DropTeam Hated-9 specializes in Para Military operations and the deployment of military equipment onto the battle field.
With the help from our private fighter fleet there is no LZ that is to hot for our Valkyries.

Join up today and remember “No Flak is to thick for Phoenix-6”


DropTeam Hated-9 was formed in the year 2872 to help curb the pirate threat while the UEE was busy stopping sporadic Vanduul raids. In the following decades they have remained small but have since had their eyes set on expanding into a larger PMC.


DropTeam Hated-9 has a very defined mission and that is to operate with discernment, vigor, and without defeat. The spoils of the wars waged upon those who wish harm to the commonwealth will be enough to ensure our people are well payed. When you join Phoenix-9 you aren’t just joining a PMC you are joining a family, one that takes care of one another.

Our operations consist of three crucial Pillars that solidify victory on the battlefield. The first Pillar is identifying the LZ threat and neutralizing it. The second being able to deploy all ground forces with speed and effectiveness. Finally the third Pillar is extraction with extreme precision and awareness.

DropTeam Hated-9’s priority is to ensure that all transactions are transparent with a client interested in our specific skill set. Whether our mission is within the law or not we will maintain operation confidentiality at all costs.


Every member of DropTeam Hated-9 is held to a standard of professionalism and a level of skill. We pride ourselves with the level of training new recruits receive in our boot camps from how to properly engage hostiles to piloting Valkyrie dropships. Every member has their place in our Team regardless of one’s set of skills or the Military Assets of their hanger. If a member does not meet the standards of DropTeam Hated-9 then that member will be removed from the Team.

Each member will be accountable for their own actions both on and off the battlefield of course what a member does in their private is to themselves, but if a member does anything to harm the public view of Hated-9 that member will be subject to disciplinary actions by his/her’s officers.