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Kobayashi Logistical Imports/Exports / EBONJADE

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Engineering
  • Transport

Providing Goods, Services, & Confidentiality.

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.

No Questions Asked?

That’s Going To Cost Much More.

If You Have To Ask The Price, You Can’t Afford Us.


In a dimly lit room somewhere in the furthest reaches of space, a scrambled comm-link was opened. The hooded figure on the screen, seemed nervous, anxious, and unsure of himself. 2 figures could be seen standing near him, our own people, so the room had been sanitized of any prying eyes and ears.

A small gesture was made and without a word the hood was removed without a word being spoken. The man began to speak but a hand was quickly placed upon his shoulder. He went silent.

Although he could not identify the faces before him on screen he could tell there was at least 3 figures there. 1 each standing on the left and right of a singular, sitting and unidentifiable, figure.

Someone, he could not identify whom, began speaking.

Mr. Abrams you have quite the problem. In less than 24 hours, you, your family and your company will come under investigation by the Advocacy. All this due to the actions of your only son and his predilection for, shall we say exotic and to be honest, completely illegal activities involving transporting young children, and designer drugs across interplanetary borders, against their free-will. On the table nearby, you will find two data pads. The 1st contains evidence of everything we’ve just outlined to you. The 2nd contains the solution to the 1st.

As a businessman we’re sure you understand that everything has a price. We are in the business of making problems go away, or in some cases, causing them to come into the light. Your company reported a 26% growth rate last quarter. Bringing your company’s value to 5.6 Billion UEC.

We now have 3 questions for you. We suggest you think very carefully about your answers as we will not repeat them. Nod if you understand everything we have just said.

Mr Abrams nodded almost feverishly.

Good. Do you wish our aid in removing this problem?

“Gods, Yes!” He almost yelled.

Examine the 2nd data pad. Do you accept the terms of the contract?

Abrams picked up the pad, reading it, as vomit welled in the back of his throat; he glanced at the screen and then the men standing next to him. A simple, almost whispered word… “Yes.”
He pressed his thumb to the pad turning 51% of his company over to his new unseen and unknown partners.

One of the men standing near him gently took the pad from him and placed it into a SecureLock-case.

Mr Abrams, as we’re sure you’re aware, this information will eventually be found out and someone will have to answer for it. We can not be associated with such distasteful business practices. As such, a sacrifice of some sort must be made. You will have to decide what that sacrifice shall be. You have 3 solutions available to you, so we suggest you choose wisely.

1st. You take full responsibility and spend the rest of your life in prison or worse, in the process you save your son, your family and your company, with our help.

2nd. Your son, the actual perpetrator. In his guilt, commits suicide, leaving a note, absolving you, and most importantly the company of any wrongdoing in his actions. Which we will also ensure bears true. This will of course break his mother’s heart but she does have a daughter to continue to love.

3rd and lastly. You, your son, and the rest of your family live normal happy lives, such as they are; in exchange for the remaining 49% of our company. We shall ensure that you are “reasonably” compensated for your remaining shares.

Which shall it be? You have some time to decide.

Shall we say 60 seconds?


There’s a saying in the Verse…
- “You can’t put a price on honor.”
We say…
- “Maybe the offer was just too low.”


Dept of Accounting
- Convoy Escort, HVT Acquisition, Close Air Support

Dept of Analysis
- Data Collection & Manipulation, Exploration Surveys, Research and Development L1

Dept of Applied Logistical Engineering
- Mining, Refueling, Major Repair & Rearm, Research and Development L2

Dept of BioMedical Sciences
- Enhanced Medical Services, Search & Rescue, Research & Development L3

Dept of Galactic Competition
- Professional Racing, Blockade Running, & High-Stakes Gambling

Dept of Reclamation & Disposal
- Deep Space Salvage, Minor Emergency Repair & Refuel

Dept of Security
- Personal Protection & VIP Extraction, Installation Protection/Assault, Force Reconnaissance

Dept of Special Transportation
- Cargo Hauling, VIP Transportation, Data Running, & Discreet Courier Services

Greetings there…

We’re sure if you’ve spent at least 5 minutes around here, you’ve heard or seen words thrown about like:
“The best” — compared to whom and what?
“Fun” — by who’s definition?
“We do it all” — sounds like somebody can’t pick a direction to go in
“Casual AND Hardcore” — how does that work???
“Protection of some poor innocent for the “greater good” — what a crock of Granny’s Peach Tea!!!
And our personal favorite — “we have over 14000 members” — Welcome to the collective Drone #3459-b34. Really??…that upwards mobility is looking closer everyday!!

Now, if ya ready for a reality check; this is what we’re selling.

Yes, we said “SELLING”!
Cause nothing in life is free…and if ya mom or dad told ya otherwise…well..let’s just say…they didn’t want to scar you during your developmental years.

You pretty much have 2 options in everything you do:
Either be the “Seller” or the “Consumer”.
We’ll give ya one guess as to which one is getting paid! — If ya half as smart as you think you are…We should now have your full attention.

What, where, when and how you sell ain’t our concern, as long as the deed is getting done.
We have rules we live by just like most folks..but hear this..morals don’t come before a payday, and it sure don’t keep food in the galley, or fuel in the tanks. You can leave those at Olisar or whatever backwater trade-hub you’ve been trying to find a way off of.

Our creed is simple: You do the job, you get paid!
It not based on rank, it’s based on the job and how you “contribute” to its success!
Bonuses are paid accordingly to the contribution you provided.
The less you do, the less your share of the profits. It’s not quantum physics!

We actually encourage you to seek out new and profitable opportunities. We recognize and reward initiative.

Every voice shall be heard, but the vision shall not waver. Accept this and prosper.
Ignore it and fall to the wayside like so many others.

We encourage “healthy” competition among our ranks. We want that razor’s edge. Be fearsome in all you do, and your foes shall fall before you.

Now..since we like to keep a low profile..the only way to contact us is directly PM’ing the individual that gave you this link.

Someone will be in touch.
If you can handle that much. The next set of instructions will be sent to you.

Eventually, if ya lucky, fearless, and a little bit crazy you might make it to a voice meeting, and that my friend, is where everything you want to ask, (and we want to ask) will be done.


- The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

- A group of select individuals gathered together, to form what would become the foundation of the Family.


1. Never tell the truth when a lie will do.

2. Never tell the same lie twice

3. Don’t be loyal to everyone, but when you are loyal to something, be fiercely loyal, and put a price on it.

4. If you have to do something, you might as well become very good at it.

5. You can’t help someone else, if you can’t help yourself!

6. The safest way to shoot someone, is in the back.

7. If something happens once, it’s happenstance. If it happens twice, it’s coincidence. If it happens three times, somebody’s trying to tell you something.

8. Know when to walk away.


Kobayashi Logistical Imports/Exports is an exclusive organization.

We want our members to believe in the group and for that reason we expect to be your main organization. Because of the type of activities we are involved in, affiliations with other Star Citizen Organizations are strictly forbidden.

The only exception to this one rule are “approved” affiliations with “purely social” organizations and groups. (Evocati being one of the few)

Contact us for more information.


The Verse is shaping up to become the sandbox we’ve always dreamed of. Every man or woman can and will craft their own moral code that they stick to. The question remains, where does Kobayashi Logistical Imports/Exports stand on on those morals?

We believe that the on fringe of civilized space where we tend to carry out our work, the rulebook gets left behind in your hanger. You may have precious few moments to make a split-second decision that saves your life, your crew, or your precious (and valuable) cargo. Usually that means shooting first and asking questions later. If that makes us morally gray then so be it, but the “family comes first, always”.

We assist our brothers and sisters. We always strive to further Family interests and influence in the universe.

Our business also adheres to a unbreakable personal “code of conduct” which strictly forbids (by our definition – not someone else’s) trolling and griefing, on the forums AND in-game.


Our “structure” accommodates a traditional solution for online raids and events but incorporates a way for members to “rise through the ranks” and handle the many challenges that await us in The Verse.


Kobayashi Logistical Imports/Exports covers a wide range disciplines in Star Citizen. We strive to be fully self-sufficient.

In reality the true occupation of our organization is to “Profit” by any means necessary; without the constraints and limitations of any government or societal interference. As such, our focus is anything that is the most expedient in obtaining profit. This means we might be adjusting our focus as a Family now and then.

What it doesn’t mean is that, as a Kobayashi “Family” member, you are restricted to this focus. This choice does however have pros and cons.

We encourage all to seek out new things, avenues of revenue and areas of influence. You are free to play the game however you choose, and in doing so, bring new and profitable opportunities to the Family. This is one of easiest and fastest ways to gain attention, and influence internally within Kobayashi Logistical Imports/Exports.

By asking for a “Family sanction” to pursue a course of action, “The Family” will expect its share and in turn will provide resources and manpower to the cause.

The downside is by branching out on your own, The opposite will occur. You incur any and all costs, along with the risks of your solo venture. Completely without the Family’s support & assets; but you also keep all the profits if successful. Thus you are gambling.


Kobayashi Logistical Imports/Exports has at its core foundation, a hardcore member base. If you want to be a part of that element there is definitely a place for you among us. We want all members to take the game as seriously as we do.

That said, we expect that some may find us attractive, but be more casual gamers. While they most definitely are not excluded, they must meet our minimum activity requirements without exception.

Our smallest population will probably be those who are in it purely for role-playing, but you will find, even that aspect has its place in our organization, is welcomed, and encouraged.

Regardless, we expect all our members to commit to each other and the group.


Star Citizen is quite a distance from full release, so we’ve given our members some slack.

This policy remains fluid and will change depending upon content released.

Current projections, place the expected minimum activity for the most casual of player to be a combination of 16 hours over a 1 month period PLUS at least 1 planned Org operation per month.

Contact us for more information.


As a rule, we are firmly and totally against it.

We can only base ourselves on how the persistent universe will turn out; but right now it appears that as an organization you will be able to obtain different assets ranging from ships to hangars to mining equipment and so forth.

In order for our organization to be competitive we will be contributing as a team to acquire certain assets.

Many other MMORPG’s allow a guild to tax their members in various ways. In Star Wars Galaxies this was an automated deduction off of your character’s game-bank account. In World of Warcraft this was a small amount of extra gold that you gained which went to the guild bank.

We won’t we doing any of that.

We do however have a solid plan in place to generate funding for the org and its members.

Contact us for more information.


We use Discord as our current communication systems. This may expand to Teamspeak or other VOIP as needed.
The reason is, as much fun as typing can be, it can never beat speaking to someone.

Leave the texting on your mobile phones and come interact through voice. Trust us, it makes all the difference!


1. 21 years of age minimum.
– Two conditions of exception:
— The Parent is a member of the Family.
— The possible new member is at least 13 years of age. The parent takes full responsibility.

2. Voice interview on discord to ensure you understand all rules and policies and all your questions have been answered.

3. The “Contractor (for Hire)” system allows us to see if a possible new member is going to work well within the current family. It has no time limit. When you are moved up to our full member status it is because we see you able to bond with the team and within our Family structure!
Everyone starts here. Promotions are not based on friendships. They are based on ability and initiative.

4. We are particularly interested in active and prior military personnel (both US, EU, & world-wide). We have found these personality types desirable and more in line with our ethos. They also tend not to be care-bears. If you find that last statement offensive, we are most definitely not for you.


In order to prevent confusion in VOIP, Forums, and In Game; The Family has adopted the following guidelines in regards to socially acceptable names for any and all members.

No Offensive or Racially Indicative Names (Reviewed on a Case by Case basis)
- i.e. “Black Snake Moan”

No Leet Speak
- i.e. “Akill3s”

No Self Imposed Titles
- i.e. “Lord of All I Survey” or “Adm. Kirk”

This Policy applies to ANY and ALL names visible on:
- CIG Forums/Spectrum
- Star Citizen & Squadron 42
- Discord & VOIP
- Any Events/Sites affiliated with Kobayashi Logistical Imports/Exports.
- Future Org Sites


Failure to follow the Organization guidelines & rules, will result in removal!

Extras Are:
*Caught using cheats & exploits.
*Loud and Obnoxious (Voice comms).
*Non respectful of others.
We don’t like these methods, but you leave The Don or Donna no choice; please follow the rules or move on.


*Never Attack a Family Member, unless in a “training” exercise.

*Please Aid your fellow Family Members, if they need help with something, try to help.
*Please Don’t bring personal real life issues and stress to the other members.
*Please Don’t expect people to be able to help you every second of every day. Help will come in the end. Keep calm, we’re not your babysitter.
*Please Avoid openly expressing RL problems on open voice comms, the community does not need to hear it! Private Comms are available for a reason.

*Make sure you report anything to do with the community to Management, only after having tried to resolve the issue privately first. We are all adults. …for example: Personally conflict with member “X”

*Communication Systems & Website are all under NDA rules.

*Monitor our comms.
*Monitor our rules.
*Monitor our website.

*Try to use the event sign up system to get to know one another and work better together
*Try to attend at least one event per Month! More is better

*Please use our leave of absence forum when going away; for extended periods of time due to RL.
*Always treat all members as equals. No drama, No bullying, etc…repeated behavior will result in removal!


Personal opinions matter to us all.

Be it be about Politics, Race, Religion or Sex they are important to every individual person.
We accept all opinions here, but when debates get too heated up and become offensive to membership, we all have a duty to instantly step in to squash the problem. If this can’t be done successfully, we remove the person causing the issue without question!

If you are in a voice channel and such a situation occurs. The phrase BROKEN ARROW is to be stated. The topic should be stopped or redirected immediately. If the situation continues to persist, contact the 1st available Security Dept Agent to handle the issue.

This informs everyone present, that something being said is not being received well or is perceived as hostile and/or inappropriate.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone must be aware; they are only that…OPINIONS!