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Emerald Cross Aid / ECHA

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Intergalactic Humanitarian Aid.



Intergalactic Humanitarian Aid.

Emerald Cross Aid was founded in 1846 to help during the famine that ravaged The Emerald Isle of Old Earth. Founded originally as an Catholic Irish Organization, the members and workers of the group soon crossed the Faith line and began helping all that needed.

Emerald Cross Aid found it’s way to American as many of the Irish had immigrated during that time. It was there that the small group of workers found one of my ancestors, Sean Daughrity, as the Daughrity family had immigrated in the early 18th century. Having made well as a merchant and ship owner he invested heavily to ensure that Irish Aid would survive.

The Emerald Cross moved with the Irish in the “new world,” from the streets of New York City and West as the workers built the Transcontinental Railroad.

Wars, famine, and disasters on Old Earth taxed the resources of Emerald Cross, many times to the breaking point.

With the discovery of jump points and space travel, Emerald Aid tried to expand into the Heavens to reach humanity where it needed help.

ECHA participated in the food relief for the Fora system with Xavier Yu who works for the Terra-based non-profit “Empire’s Overlooked,” which advocates for unrepresented systems.


“Cui multum datum est, multum sperandum.”

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Emerald Cross Aid is a non-profit intergalactic aid organization. My family has done well for centuries, therefore we continue to give those is need.

Those that prey on the weaker will never understand “to whom much is given, much is expected,” and those that live that life will not be able to explain the benefits of helping others.


Emerald Cross Aid also owns and operates a Haven on Earth, Emerald Crossing.

Earth coordinates are:
37.413970, -120.581183