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Ensylum / ENSYLUM

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Ensylum (Endemic Asylum) is an immersive way to connect with other gamers from around the world, The metaverse project is a form of an online gaming group that allows you to create and customize your own experience, explore virtual mindsets within the online universe. Join Today!


Ensylum gaming has been a mainstay in games like Everquest, Vanguard- Saga of Heroes, EVE Online and many other titles. Or organization has been around for over 20 years. We built our gaming group on two foundations – Teamwork and Respect of our members.


Our mission is to provide a fun and engaging environment where members can enjoy various games, learn new skills, and make lasting friendships. We value respect, teamwork, and diversity, and we welcome players of all backgrounds and skill levels.


You will be able to access a variety of conceptual realities and genres, meet new friends who share your interests, and participate in events and competitions. You will also be able to contribute to the development of Ensylum by creating your own content and sharing it with others.