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Roberts Space Industries ®

Evil Organized / EVILORG

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Smuggling
  • Piracy

EvilOrg offers fast rewards
EvilOrg offers strength in numbers
EvilOrg doesn’t care about your past
EvilOrg. Evil, Organized




These are the things they don’t tell you in the official histories. What is commonly known, but rarely spoken of, is that EvilOrg laid the groundwork for the 2792 Earth Civil War and helped overthrow Messer XI, ending the Messer Era.

It was EvilOrg that helped the hacker group named “Tide” spike Spectrum feeds to deliver the news that Garron II had sentient species. Sentient species who were killed by the Imperator and his Corporate minions. EvilOrg’s operatives spread the activist vid-footage of the aliens’ rational behavior on the galaxy’s Dark Spectrum Networks. “Organized” became the watch-word for the Messer opposition on Earth. The guerrilla attacks that followed used weapons and explosives smuggled, in part, by EvilOrg. The protests that ensued used EvilOrg tactics, even hiding messages inside military comms. Previously isolated and suppressed, the youth of Earth utilized EvilOrg’s smuggling practices that had been honed over hundreds of years of being hunted space criminals.

How did EvilOrg become the term for unnamed syndicates aligned against Ivar Messer and his Corporations? After the 1st Tevarin War 2542-2546, during Ivar Messer’s crackdowns, the North American Outfits, Italian Mafia, The Asian Triads, Japanese Yakuza, Latin Cartels, African Warlords, et al were pushed off Earth and beyond Sol. The crime syndicates synthesized and grew in the vacuum of space. Previously each had controlled isolated areas and fought between themselves over illicit markets and war-profiteering. When the Bosses were kicked off of Earth, it united those syndicates. They melded together, even taking a piece of each other’s culture in their hierarchy of rank to show solidarity.

How did EvilOrg get its name? It was The Messer Times, a propaganda newspaper, that printed “…There is a new level of organized crime in space. They are not isolated families or chaotic pirates. Their shadows connect the darkest corners of the galaxy. This organization is involved in every form of vice and civil rebellion. They seek to destroy this Empire! Citizens, they are not ordinary evil, they are evil organized!…”

— [ RESPECT ] — [ POWER ] — [ MONEY ] —


Honesty and transparency are very important to us at EvilOrg and we don’t feel the need to hide this fact.

EvilOrg believes that our time here should be spent enjoying the finest luxury and entertainment the ‘verse has to offer! Like many others, dreams of fame and fortune have danced through our heads ever since we were children. Unlike the others, we acted upon that dream and made it into a reality. We offer a home to ambitious people who have the same goal as us and give them the opportunities they need to bring their dreams to fruition! When this organization was founded in [DATE REDACTED], we set out with one goal in mind: Profit. This mindset often leads to others labeling or denouncing us. We take that in stride though, because at the end of the day, we are the ones who come out on top. Whether you like it or not, money will always be the most influential factor in peoples’ lives.

Profits and losses, these concepts are what keep the economy moving and by extension, the entire ‘verse. Money is power and in the right hands anything is possible. We at EvilOrg understand this and plan to capitalize on it in any way possible. From the very beginning we knew that the only way to succeed in such a competitive environment was to sacrifice anything and everything in the pursuit of profit. The first few years were rough, but through passion and determination we grew into a respectable business. We give our members a platform to operate and profit any way they see fit so that they can achieve their goals. Hard work and labor can only get you so far in life though, being a part of this organization means going beyond that.

The second key part to our business is ventures and investments. Whether the risks we take are big or small, chances must be taken regardless. Our team works tirelessly to scout out and evaluate the best enterprises to pursue. Just some of the industries we’ve invested in include: Recreational drugs such as WiDoW and Neon, and side items like stims and spirits. We also have a foothold in the weapons market with our investments in Jumptown, Joker Engineering, and Drake Interplanetary, just to name a few. These, along with many other carefully selected businesses and startups, EvilOrg has been able to reach the success you see today.

Though the products and ethics of the companies may not reflect our own beliefs, we still wish to publicly acknowledge them and everything they do for us. With this network of companies we’ve assembled, we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labor while still providing our members the necessary opportunities and resources they need to succeed. The excess revenue is enjoyed as it should be;

In our mind there is nothing wrong with enjoying a little luxury after you’ve put in the work to get it. All of our profits aren’t just spent on our own entertainment. EvilOrg gives back to the community as often as possible. EvilOrg sponsors and participates in many public events and competitions. We reward those who demonstrate skill and passion in their fields and entice them to try their hardest by offering rewards. This not only allows people to push their abilities to the limit, but also provides entertainment to us and everyone watching. We are always planning new and exciting events to keep the masses contempt. Label us how you will, we will continue to enjoy what we’ve rightfully earned!

— [ RESPECT ] — [ POWER ] — [ MONEY ] —



— [ RESPECT ] — [ MONEY ] — [ POWER ] —

EvilOrg does not require you to list as your main Organization.
You may join as affiliate, redacted, or hidden member.

Ranks (Traditional Influence) [Common name]
Dragon Lord (Triads) aka [Drug Lord]
Pakhan (Russian Mob) aka [Boss]
Kyodai (Japanese Yakuza) [Under Boss]
Caporegime (Italian Mafia) [Captain]
Trooper (Irish Street Gangs) [Soldier]
Associate (various)

Each Caporegime is charged with organizing one sort of racket in one sector.
Kyodai are in charge of a single type of racket in several different sectors.
Bosses run multiple rackets in multiple sectors.