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Anything and EVERYTHING.


The History of The FiN Organization was brought up with a dream, a dream that one day, can take us to new worlds and eventually end up being an ambition to go out and explore what the universe has to offer. Along the way in this journey, The FiN Organization presented something that no other organization has to offer, continue growth. With the changes of different roles and what we want to accomplish, the journey will never end.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney


The FiN Organization is on a Journey. Simply put, a never ending journey, inspired by the sustainable growth, and fueled by our deep desire to explore the outer reaches of space.

The foundation of this journey has been termed Our Manifesto for Exploring. Our Manifesto represents the beginning of a journey that will never end. It is a foundation that will be built on sustainable growth as each member of the organization plays in vital role and recognizes long term opportunities, while also meeting our short term commitments.

The goals are simple: We will inspire members and come up with ideas on how to sustain growth with in the organization. Likewise, our strategy is simple: We will explore what the universe has to offer, and by enabling friendships leveraging the power of our universe network.

Lastly, this journey will be propelled by unleashing the collective genius with in the organization that will make it possible to sustain growth. We decided to take this journey because it is our very nature to dream, create and exceed what can be possible.


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