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MISC Freelancer Owners' Club / FLOC

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For over a hundred years captains around the ‘verse have turned to MISC for vessels capable of conforming to their daily needs, and owners of the Freelancer in particular have fully embraced the customer-minded chassis.
Swing by the FLOC to kick the skids and show off your favorite enhancements!


The FLOC inadvertently formed in 2927 by mere coincidence when several loose groups of successful explorers crossed paths at a Cassel spaceport in the Goss system and couldn’t resist boasting amongst themselves over their beloved vessels.
Finding mutual benefit in sharing their collective knowledge despite the competitive nature of their fields, the crews began organizing regular layovers in civilized systems to keep each other apprised of their latest findings.
In the following years a strong sense of brotherhood rose among the captains, carrying on the founding traditions.


The FLOC exists to facilitate communication among owners who view their ships as a way of life and enjoy sharing their love for the vessels with others.
Regular club activities cover the vast spectrum of responsibilities which come with starship ownership. From assistance with routine maintenance & upgrades to introducing greenhorn pilots to common trade-lanes or distant regions of space, club members are usually eager to assist.
Routine meetings in various star systems facilitate these activities and many others, and members are often seen by the general population performing EVA’s to apparently simply admire their ships from afar with one another.
Captains are encouraged to honor the recovery traditions of the ancient maritime laws of Earth, and answer member distress signals to the best of their abilities.

An on-going discussion may be joined here:

FLOC is a non-profit organization.


Members are asked to be respectful in dealing with one another, and follow the regulations of local law enforcement such as the UEE and Banu Protectorate while attending FLOC activities.
Any member found to be outright attacking or repeatedly berating fellow members will be subject to dismissal.

(Roleplaying is encouraged though not a requirement.)