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The Charon Circle is a Militia/rebel group based in the Charon System. Our goal is to end the ongoing civil war on the planet between the two rival faction of Dellin and Acheron. After we have ended the civil war we will take control putting a new form of government in.



Charon III, The UPE/UEE claimed this system because of Charon III location. The planet was quickly terraformed, but few colonists were eager to settle in such a distant corner of the Empire. It lacked significant deposits of rare minerals to attract miners, and even though the real estate was inexpensive, few factories were built since the additional shipping costs more than offset any local savings for most manufacturers. Homesteaders that were attracted by the isolation did steadily stream in over the decades, though they often had to rely on soil enrichment products, like moly-nitronese, to reliably grow food. Things changed in 2635 during Livia Messer III’s reign.

She proposed a restructuring of the UEE’s legal system that involved building a massive, maximum security penitentiary in Dellin’s vast desert. The project kickstarted the economy and brought in new people and credits. When her brother Corsen Messer V rose to power, he built several more facilities. In 2670, the planet received recognition in the Senate via a decree from Corsen. Many of today’s historians now assume the move was a quid pro quo between Corsen Messer and Gwen Czukay, who was Dellin’s Governor’s Council representative and shortly thereafter the planet’s first Senator. When Senator Czukay was sworn in, she personally decided that the planet should be recognized under the name Haros.

Colonel Ivan Messer, Once a renowned war hero to the UEE, betrayed the innocent civilians of the Charon system. He was well known for his ruthless brilliant strategic ways but many didn’t see eye to eye with the Colonel. The Massacre of Garron II occurred in on April 11, 27921 when a terraforming Corp began to terraform an inhabited planet (Garron II), killing all of the sentient, but not jump capable, inhabitants. While the corp vehemently denied that the aliens were capable of conscious thought, activist video-footage leaked to the Spectrum proved that they were self-aware. It also revealed that the Corp was closely tied to the Imperator’s family. April 12, 2792, SSN/CAtvs news feed was intervened by this reporting to the public and it started civil unrest! The local police had to call in military assistance, however, it wasn’t enough. On April 14th, Admiral Tal Kale authorized the interdiction of the jump points to Charon due to the discovery of the rebels using Military Comms to carry encrypted messages. On April 29th, police and military together open fired on millions of innocent peaceful protesters on Vale. Four days later ( May 4th,2792) Erin Toi, the first Imperator after the Messer Era, was in power. He acknowledged the bravery of Senator Akari and many other activists and restores Tribunal positions of old, as well as shut down the Messer’s Terraforming corp and deemed the planet a reserve. The Tribunal Positions of old are as follows:
High – General
High – Secretary
High – Advocate
Whom of which are allowed to disempower the Imperator.

In 2795, Charon III governor’s council voted to renounce their recognition in the Senate, making them the only planet to ever do this and they retracted the name of Haros given by a former politician (Senator Czukay). Without an advocate on Earth, government credits to the system slowed to a trickle as the UEE political elite were intent to show that renouncing Senate recognition would come at a cost. As government funds evaporated at high cost to local economies, particularly in Dellin, the fierce independent spirit that inspired people to stand up to the UEE now turned them on each other. Dellin, loosing it’s UEE backing, was coming to a critical state, suffering famines, and zero financial assistance. They tried appealing to their neighboring country Acheron, despite them not being to far better off. Dellin’s plea wasn’t answered so to speak and it sparked a civil war between the two nations, emerging in the year 2811. Decades go on of toiling and cease – fires up to the year 2934. That year there seemed to be a mutual understanding between the nations due to the devastating earthquake that happened on Charon III. Acheron subsequently built the Phyi Tower during the nation’s struggle for survival, an example of super modernistic culture and caused Dellin to grow suspicious of this due to Acheron’s plea for help as well. Tensions flared and the civil war continues to today (2947).

The conflict is ongoing in 2944, when Tarquin Klass became the leader of Dellin, and Acheron accused him of being a tyrant, intimidating voters and rigging the vote. Acheron saw fit to intervene, giving fuel to the fire once more for the “war machine.”

The UEE Navy continues to be present in the system to this day, but more as a watchful eye in case things get out of hand. UEE regulations forbid interventions unless there is gross misconduct; the civil war is not seen as such at this point, though there are many in the UEE who wonder when this will change. They have however pulled security from the system due to the vanduul threat. Making it harder for trader and AID to get through.

After the UEE abandoned the system again and aid became much harder for the people who want UEE control they tried protesting the denouncement that was made long ago. This is what brings us here. Now that you know our home’s history, this is the beginning of the end to the suffering of Charon III. We want to end the violence and reform the government. One under the People’s control. Since the only people these citizens can rely on is their Families in Charon, we are standing up for there right to live freely. We will fight against both factions to end this civil war, unite the planet under one Empire and rebuild this marvel of a planet to its apex of glory.


STARDATE Nov, 26, 2947: As promised, and apologies for the delay, A Discord has been set up for us to use for in game! Here is the link:

STARDATE Nov, 11, 2947: A Discord will be setup soon and a link will be posted here for anyone in the fleet whom would like to do gameplay together!

STARDATE Nov, 5, 2947: The rebelllion has made an alliance with a group called The Omega Pact whom will share our fleet and buildings with us.

STARDATE Nov, 2, 2947: We have —positions open on the Orion and the Reclaimer we have in the fleet. We need Miners, Engineers, and salvage crew for these ships. And every position is open from captain of the ship to the collectors.

STARDATE: Oct, 31, 2947. We are now up to 13 members and consider long term plans for recruitment and establishment of CoC.

STARDATE: Oct, 26, 2947. The day of reestablishment of the former Charon Frontier is now known to be The Charon Cirle.

Our plans are first to establish an HQ in the Gendinasho Asteroid Belt. Exact coordinates will be broadcasted to our members for safety and security. Ideally we aim for the reformation of government on Charon III, but we also aim to establish ourselves as a defense force for Charon from all means of domestic or foreign threat. Once the system is secure, we will perhaps expand elsewhere depending on a council vote. For now our goal is to provide safety for these people lost to a war torn planet and recruit others. If you wish to aid in this endeavor please provide a job description in your application so we can place among the rebellion branches appropriately.

All our jobs in the fleet are sub-categorized under these primary Branches and have a Chain of command. Know that, while you have your job among the rebellion, we aren’t a monarchy and do allow for venturing outside of the fleet. but if you wish to ascend in command as we grow sticking around and helping as much as possible will be greatly rewarded in the end!

Crisis Response
Escort Services


The Charon Circle


1. Certain acts of piracy are only authorized under certain circumstances. We will not attack innocent merchantmen, ferries, civilian transports, etc. Authorization of theft only comes to hand when it deals with preventing any further harm from coming to this planet.
2. It is our job to provide security to those defenseless in this system as well as restore their home planet.
4. Mistreatment of your fellow soldier will not be tolerated.
5. It is our job to protect assets of alliances we have and ensure their safety as they do ours.
6. In order for the fleet to keep up with all of it’s ships, repairs, supplies, etc. We ask that each citizen contribute to the fleet what they will.
7. We ask that you meet standards required for each rank that are set. Should you wish to aspire to a higher rank then simply follow the Charters C.O.C rank prompt.
8. Being apart of the rebellions military means you are signed up for good. you want to be apart of the crew of our Capital ships, fighters, bombers, tactical squads, ground response teams, etc. we will need you as often as possible on the ship to ensure prominent efficiency from the fleets abilities.
9.We will require training at least once every two weeks for 5 hours minimum. We do permit the idea to split that into multiple segments over the period of two weeks if you not wish to do 5 hours of solid training.

Chain of Command
  1. Citizen – You are the most important to our foundation of function. You’re simple everyday gameplay and contribution is what will in the end drive the fleet in succeeding domination and security over Charon.
  2. Private – Someone who’s front of the line in the rebellion. Is willing to contribute a little more time in the fleet than a normal citizen. We will being seeing you play a role inside our C.o.C for further deployment of your skills in the fleet.
  3. NCO – These guys are the backbone of getting the commands from higher up to you Private’s in the fleet. This rank will have multiple roles and ranks to operate and command. For this rank we’re looking for those dedicated players whom have communication skills and patience for those newcomers.
  4. Officer – You oversee the success of operations given to you and report any information given to you by the NCO’s under your command to the Co-commander of the fleet. The better your success rate means the better off you’ll be at getting a promotion.
  5. Co-commander – being a co-commander is not something the Imperator or anyone in the fleet can simply promote you to. this is a symbol of recognition of trust and reliability to the commanders of the fleet. They chose you from a select few of qualified officers to represent their command. It is something to never be taken lightly.
  6. Commander – truly a marvel of the field. you have countlessly faced the enemies Charon and endured the worst situations alongside the imperator and high – general themselves. You are the root of success of this rebellion. The very structure of life that gives breath to the possibility of giving freedom to this system. You’re unwavering loyalty towards this initiative is going to echo through time and we plan to put our names there along with yours. Together let us command the largest most efficient fleet star citizens have seen.