Vanduul Fleet / GALDERIANS

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Trading
  • Transport

What are your desires? your needs? wants? We can help you!!


Transporters, smugglers, miners, this is our history, and in this new universe we plan on becoming one of the most successful organizations in the universe, demonstrating our ability to successfully complete tasks with minimum to no casualties what so ever. We have the back of our own and will do everything it takes to insure their and your safety.

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We are here for you the people. Me and my brother are in the midst of collecting as many ships as possible (the 600i being our newest) as they release in order to benefit ourselves and those of you that join. We share what we have as long as you help us in return. We don’t ask for much, just your loyalty and respect.

Mainly we will focus on trading, transporting, mining and security of those groups. Lets grow a business and become one of the best traders in the galaxy of SC. While our organization may look like we are mostly pirates off of the look, we are but we are not as well. Everyone loves pvp and so we can pvp all day but at the same time we are here for business and enjoyment, we just so happen to love every thing Banu and Vanduul so that’s the look we portray, to scare off those that want to attack and hurt our organization.

If you have any questions about the organization or about the game feel free to ask. In our free time while we wait for the game we do play a lot of other games from PUBG to Overwatch, and even Rust, just hit us up in discord and we can get together and play something. We do hop in SC now and then to get some practice dogfighting, as well if you want to just mess around in any of our ships we are here to help prepare for the game.
As 3.0 is coming up we will be on constantly during release to start raking in some moneys and getting more practice in the game as more content will be available.

Right now are intentions are to just figure out the game and learn everything there is to learn. As time goes on we will focus more on building our Organization in any means necessary, so if we have to steal supplies from other players we will do so, and those that do now want to be involved in piracy may earn there keep any way they wish, we will back you on your needs. Do you want to get involved with public transport? then we will supply you with anything you need including security from those that wish to destroy your reputation. Are you a miner and need support to protect you from other pirates we are here for you.

We will be purchasing a Capital ship as soon as they are available, and we do take high interest in Vanduul ships, so as soon as the Vanduul capital ship is out we will claim it as our own.


We only ask that you respect those in the organization, outside of that we don’t care, if you want to terrorize people we will help, if you want to help people we will help, you name it we will back you.

If you take from the Org you must give, that’s how the system works, we help you, you help us in return.

In discord the only restriction we have is to respect those in chat, while we do allow criticism, keep it friendly, if someone isn’t enjoying your humor don’t push it onto them. Not everyone can take a joke without getting there feelings hurt… XD so respect those that cant, other than that we don’t care.