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Galactic Logistics / GALLOG

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Welcome to Galactic Logistics!

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GALLOG – Your Galaxy Traversed.

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Galactic Logistics’ Origins

GALLOG’s name has changed over the centuries, but it’s Core Values and Drive goes as far back as the Seafaring days of our ancestors, navigating the oceans and seas of Earth to supply the world with its logistical needs. We may not steam across the historic Atlantic Ocean or ease through the Great Panama Canal anymore, but the spirit of those intrepid Captains and crew still lives on today in GALLOG.

Is it Freight? is it Transportation?…beyond that. Its Tomorrow’s Logistics brought to you Today.

GALLOG made a choice…evolve. It was the late 22nd century and the world was changing, literally. With Mars in full swing with development and terraforming, the needs of the people were changing. Mars’ population was expanding and more projects were on the horizon, asteroid mining, gas giant mining and more needed help, they needed a logistical partner. So GALLOG made the decision to go to the stars and makes its mark in the history books.

Paint the Star Lanes Navy Blue.

The year was 2944 and the introduction of MISC and its range of Freighter models turned the industry upside down. But one man wasn’t fazed, Cpt. Veron Raveir, the CEO and visionary of GALLOG today. With his far reaching sight and ambition, and the capital influx of a single investor, Veron made a move that rang across the star lanes.

“Paint it blue…Navy Blue.” – Captain Veron Raveir

With cash in hand, figuratively, Veron approached MISC and became one of its first customers. Noticing the potential of MISC’s new freighter models, they were put to work immediately with returns on the investment almost instant.

Space between the stars is long…but we make a little bit closer for you.

GALLOG today has pushed humanity to dream bigger and lets them know someone is behind them helping along the way. It’s not a choice of Greed or Power to do what we do, its a sense of Duty. Like the Merchant Marines of yesteryear we do this for our fellow man, so that we as a people can not just survive, but flourish, and future generations can stand on the shoulders of today’s giants and look farther.

Your Galaxy Traversed



Mission Statement:

Galactic Logistics’ mission is to expand trading prospects through out the UEE and beyond. Opening up new routes and opportunities to the masses is our Main Focus. Only through expansion can we expect growth, and growth is key to any organizations future.

GALLOG…it sounds simple enough…but its so much more.