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Gentlemen's Club / GENTLECLUB

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Gentlemen’s Club is for the soft. For the sensitive. For the fragile… who can fight back hard if need be.


I have been in several organisations: big, small and medium.

Eventually I said: let’s create one, that will be gentle and fierce at the same time.

Gentle to gentle ones, and fierce to thugs.


I have played Star Citizen for more than three years, every day. I have seen a lot of players, their behaviour and character. I have seen aggressive pilots, pirates, thieves, and those who selflessly helped, supported and donated.

I have decided I wanted to be a part of the second fraction, and create a club for people, who would like to add something human to this game.

All the best,

Marcin Sergiusz Przybyłek


1. We do not attack members of the organisation.

2. We try to protect, help, while doing our business.

3. We fight hard when attacked.

4. We are sensitive, but vigilant.

5. We fly together to protect each other.