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Ellingson Mineral Corporation / HACKERS

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Originally founded as an Earth-based oil company in the 20th century, Ellingson Mineral Corporation peaked in the mid-1990s. At the corporation’s greatest extent, it held rights to numerous oil wells, operated at over a dozen refineries, and coordinated a supertanker fleet in the double digits. In 1995, the corporation was engulfed in a scandal involving a Mr. Eugene “The Plague” Belford, then Computer Security Officer of the company, and a Ms. Margo Wallace, then head of Public Relations, who attempted to discreetly extort and steal millions from the company through a scheme involving the use of a computer virus and the framing of a group of computer hackers.

In the aftermath of the botched caper, investor and creditor confidence deteriorated and Ellingson Mineral Corporation was driven to near bankruptcy as the company was exposed as wholly unready for the challenges of the 21st century, resulting in the acquisition of Ellingson by a rival firm in the oil and gas sector. Over the next 900 years, the name and assets of Ellingson Mineral Corporation would continue to be sold, acquired, and reorganized, until ultimately being spun off from Covalex Shipping in 2904 to a small group of merchants.

Once an unprofitable and forgotten business branch involved in niche fuel transport routes, today, some four decades later, Ellingson Mineral Corporation continues to be primarily involved in the shipping and transport sector. With the added flexibility of a closely held small corporation, it is able to take on various roles and revenue streams, diversifying into many freelancing activities at the whims of the humbly sized board of directors.


Yes, we are a corporation. Our product is that of curiosity.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.