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Roberts Space Industries ®


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HERAS, is a small company located in the “Hessian Ried”, a prospering region on Earth in the former Germany, near the megacity Frankfurt / Main.
HERAS is a armed transport and deep space exploration company and is looking for motivated pilots living in the Hessian Ried to operate multicrew ships.


HERAS, short for Hessian Ried Aeronautics and Space was founded 2940 in New Riedstadt. Located in the Hessian Ried , near to one of Europes Megacitys Frankfurt / Main, HERAS participated fast from the prospering region and is one of the leading transport and deep space exploration companys at the european continent today. Over years, our various departments, like HERAS A.E.T. (Armed Express Transports) including a corps of highly trained fighter pilots, or HERAS D.S.E. (Deep Space Explorations) have served customers, communities and governments, reliable, fast and cost effective.


What we stand for

HERAS stands for reliable, professional, safe and cost effective solutions in transport and deep space exploration. We belive in our highly trained employees and our loyal ships which always bring us home safely. We belive in a fair and long term relationship to our clients. And we belive that you don`t have to be the biggest company – but the best partner. Whatever you need, we got it.

Our Field of Operations


HERAS Armed Express Transports deliver a best fit solution by bringing together transport capacity and security. We deliver your cargo where ever you need it – fast, safe and cost effective. And for high security transfers you can count on our highly trained fighter squad!


HERAS Deep Space Exploration is working with professional Explorers to go where no man has gone before – to find resources, a new short cut on our trade routes, or new science findings & technology.