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Hawkes Haven / HH187

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Welcome to Hawkes Haven an ORG formed by the popular YouTube channel Hawkes Gaming. We are a friendly and helpful adult community committed to fun as well as fast progression. We are here for the long haul and will have a massive presence by the time the game launches! Come join the fun with HH-187!


Most of us started playing Star Citizen at 3.9 with some of us being here sense the beginning. Our main focus is to have fun with a great community of like minded space people. Our primary focus is fast progression and owning all the ships. We have a lot of very experienced players as well as the new recruit.


Our goal is to mine, trade and combat our way to the top of the space money pile in Star Citizen as quickly as possible. We progress as a team so everyone earns money as fast as possible so they can buy any of the ships they want. We are not griefers but we will completely lay the smack down upon anyone who attacks us with all the hell fury we can muster. There is no server you can hide in cause we will find you.


Rule #1 – Members are to treat each other with respect. Don’t be a dick please/

Rule #2 – We work and progress as a team. There is no “I” even for myself Hawkes Gaming.

Rule #3 – PVP is encouraged but ganking newbies is not acceptable. Ganking gankers is.