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Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!


Heritage and Iron Horse Industries and its ports are a Heavy Role Play Organization. We strive for excellence in both PvE and PvP challenges while fostering an atmosphere of immersion role play, friendship, camaraderie, and a combined purpose within our organization . We are above all else a group of friends, like-minded gamers, and MMO enthusiasts. Collectively, we endeavor to act as ambassadors within the R.S.I community while conquering the game’s many challenges. Our core membership has been together through several MMOs; and we maintain lofty recruiting standards which allow us to preserve the spirit of our tight-knit community.

Our members each strive for individual excellence so that our collective efforts are successful. We expect members of Heritage to uphold our core tenets and seek out opportunities to set a positive example throughout the RSI community. These responsibilities are rewarded through veteran leadership, fair org rules, respect and prestige within the R.S.I community, and a laid-back atmosphere of shared enthusiasm for gaming. Despite our individually extensive MMO histories, Port Jaynestown is not a multi-game community. Our singular purpose is Star Citizen , and we are seeking exceptional members who share that focus.

The Organization vision of Heritage are protected by a simple set of rules and responsibilities to which we hold our members accountable. These core philosophies describe the expected behavior of all members and allies, these emphasize the cornerstone principles of the guild.

Be prepared, knowledgeable, and capable. Each Heritage member should easily adapt to a variety of in-game scenarios. Our members should exemplify proficient game play; mastering not only of their preferred role, but possessing the versatility to fill multiple positions within a Crew.

Optimize your character. It is the responsibility of every member to perfect his or her gear and build, quickly adapting to new patch cycles and meta-trends.

  • Be reliable. Our members are required maintain a regular level of attendance to scheduled org events, arriving prepared with consumables, supplies, and a variety of equipment sets.


  • Be socially active. Heritage places a critical value on sustaining a tight-knit community; social engagement is of paramount importance. We expect all our members to actively participate in Discord, regardless of the game they are playing. Voice chat is crucial both for communication and because we believe that friendship is the backbone of a successful Organization.
    Play with Org Members. We want our members to actively seek opportunities for multi-player gaming, even if it is not Role Play related. Play games, group up, and get involved with other guild members whenever possible.


  • Contribute to Star Citizen The central vision of Star Citizen is to create a valuable resource for theory crafting, strategies, mechanics discussions, and guides for the Star Citizen community. We expect our members to further these goals by sharing their insights for optimizing game play experience with the website community. We hope our Org members will share in a sense of collective ownership of Star Citizen and be proud of our success both in-game and on the website. Every active member of Heritage is expected to be a participant on the website forums with further responsibilities required of core crew and officers.
    Prioritize Testing and Feedback. We expect active members of Heritage to be a part of training within the PU Server . Some org events will be schedule on the PU and crew members and captains should treat PU events with a high degree of seriousness so we can continue our track record of providing exceptional feedback to Star Citizen developers as they work to improve the game.


  • Act with maturity. We thrive on competition, but within Heritage we maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect. As an extension of Star Citizen, we are ambassadors within the Star Citizen community. Malicious trolling, baiting, trash talking, or flaming are not permitted in-game or on any public forum. We generally require applicants to be 18 years or older in order to be eligible for membership.
    Those without thick skin need not apply. We achieve a delicate balance between a casual fun-loving atmosphere and determination for in-game success. Each member of Heritage and Iron Horse Industries is pushed to become a better role player and game player by his or her peers. We love jokes, banter, and general shenanigans; often at each others expense. We are not a family oriented guild, and we are not responsible for your hurt feelings.
    Abide by the decisions of org leadership. Our leaders and officers are veteran MMO players, and we are familiar with the issues that accompany leading a high-powered guild. We understand the need to manage people, not just roster slots. We are open to feedback from our members, but there is a time and place for such discussions. Whining, arguing, or causing a scene in the middle of a scheduled guild event is not tolerated.
    Have fun. We are a serious guild, but don’t forget that we play Star Citizen because we love the universe R.S.I is creating for us. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.


  • We strive to eventually become a self sustainable community of role players and to create a player run city and star port. With many ties to other org’s and private investor’s. Just Imagine the stories that will come from this. The settlement and port both will have everything a small city needs and then some with business and settlement opportunities galore. Our Ranking is simple yet once you become a full fledged citizen that’s were things get fun as you are brought into the machine that is Heritage.



  • Allowed to chat, shop and Role Play within the public forums.


  • Private Investors make up a lot of the bulk funding for Exploratory missions and have a staked interest for the org itself. They also can provide joint military support and training or resources. The contracts can vary depending on what type of org they are affiliated with. In exchange these Investors are given special rights and privileges within the ports, these also vary depending on the contract. They may also be allowed to place a business, shop or embassy within the settlement.

RANK 2 CITIZEN 10 Hours a week

  • Citizens are what brings life into our org. If they live on the Port or within the borders of the settlement, they will be required to pay dues / taxes to help support the security forces and maintenance of the port and settlement. They include themselves in Role Play regularly. And support the overall economic growth of Heritage. This group of promising and active people are who we draw from to fill our organization’s many position’s. Citizen’s are allowed to own a home within the settlement. And benefit form org discounts.

RANK 3 CIVIL ENGINEER 15 Hours a week

  • Drawn from our citizenry the valuable men and women are provided special training for the professions that they will be working. A full list of jobs can be found within each departments overview.

RANK 4 Security 20 Hours a week

  • These hard working men and women are the backbone of Heritage. Their jobs are varied and split between the different department’s.


  • These men and women are appointed head of their orgs only a level 3 org may have a seat on the council. This allows the orgs that put in most to Heritage to reap some of the benefits and have a voice for the direction and growth of Heritage.


  • One of the best aspects of the Heritage community is that we are a group of close friends who have more in common than simply forming the same in-game groups. Our org prides itself on being a great community of gamers and we recognize that Star Citizen isn’t the perfect game for everyone. We invite and encourage any inactive members to remain involved with the org in Discord and in any forum role play. A org member is considered Inactive/Social if they do not maintain an active R.S.I subscription or fail to meet the regular attendance requirements of the Member rank. The only requirements facing inactive members are to remain in periodic social contact with the guild in order to not be removed from the roster.


  • It’s easier to agitate than to govern. * Don’t let zeal become presumptuousness. * Discussion gives a community an ownership stake. * Enthusiasm doesn’t always imply priority. * Unexpected behavior is a catalyst for creative thinking. * Show people what they can do instead of telling them what they must do.


  • No meta gaming. Your character does not know everything you know and game mechanics are typically OOC. In particular, CL is an OOC mechanic and should not be relied upon in RP unless both sides agree. This also means your IC enemies are not your OOC enemies — in fact, it’s important that we have good OOC relations with our IC enemies. No god modding. You are not special; you are not Boba Fett nor are you Blade the bounty hunter. Actions taken should be “realistic” within the framework of the Star Citizen universe. No power emoting. This means you cannot RP both an action and the result on another player. Don’t “/emote shoots Ene Mee in the arm, causing him to drop his weapon and fall to the ground”, but “/emote shoots at Ene Mee’s arm” and allow the other player to decide what happens. Spatial is IC, period. Occasional fixes or corrections due to a typo that is not clearly one or various game bugs may happen, but in general these should be confined to group chat or other OOC channels. This is particularly important in public areas.

  • Everyone has flaws. Find yours, create a balanced character. This doesn’t necessarily mean creating an “ordinary person”, though it can. But even Obi-wan, Yoda, Buck Rogers, and Malcolm Reynolds had their flaws. Working around those flaws and the problems they create will lead to much more interesting roleplay and interaction with others.


  • We will conduct scheduled RP or PvE and PvP events with a schedule yet to be determined. Core Members are expected to maintain over 50% attendance of scheduled guild events. Officers should be notified of expected absences at least 24 hours in advance so we have time to ensure sufficient attendance of all our events. Port Jaynestown will maintain a shared bank in which we store rare and valuable resources and equipment. This is distributed using a meritocracy that considers both standing within the guild as well as base need. This policy helps to guarantee that our core members are always equipped competitively and have the tools required for the guild to succeed.

In order to meet our lofty ambitions as a organization we maintain high expectations of potential applicants. In short, we are looking for dedicated players who demonstrate the core tenets of Heritage. We want members with excellent communication skills, enthusiasm and colorful personalities. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of Heritage, we would like to encourage you to visit our application page.

We carefully review all applications, and potential recruits are carefully considered to guarantee they exemplify the attributes described above. We respond to all applicants via your spectrum ID. The most promising candidates will undergo a 10 minute interview in Discord before a guild invitation is extended. Thank you for reading the City of Heritage charter. If you have any questions about the guild, please do not hesitate to inquire.

Thank you for your interest in Heritage. We are always seeking exceptional players who are driven and capable of helping our organization continue to grow. If our org structure and ideals match what you are looking for in a role play focused org for Star Citizen, I encourage you to submit an application. If you have any questions about our guild policies, please do not hesitate to send me a message for further details.
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