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Roberts Space Industries

Interstellar Mining Enterprises Inc. / IEINC

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Our company’s objectives are related to the field of Mining. The careers that find, dig, secure, transport and trade it. This includes logistics, base building and repair to name a few.

(Currently in 9 time times. Europeans, highly encouraged as we’re looking to expand.)


“Since, in the long run, every planetary civilization will be endangered by impacts from space, every surviving civilization is obliged to become spacefaring—not because of exploratory or romantic zeal, but for the most practical reason imaginable: staying alive… If our long-term survival is at stake, we have a basic responsibility to our species to venture to other worlds.”
― Carl Sagan

We are a corporation striving to be a Medium sized org in-game. Presently, Cig places a Medium sized org as between 11 and 49 people. We feel orgs over 500 players should be classified as large orgs as some orgs are in the thousands. As a Medium sized org the hope is for a couple hundred people. These numbers would be split amongst the European, American and Pacific time zones.

That tells you what we want to be…what about who we are?

Presently we’re made up of people who wanted to join a org so when the game is ready, they’re good to go, we have a member who streams Star Citizen a few times per week, we have members who are in Evocati, people who play regularly (when the PU is stable) and we have members who play other games in the meantime. While the game is still in Alpha, having people to compliment the members who are active is always a better thing. More over we would like to expand our European memberships so people across the pond can find more members to play with. I myself, have been to a few Bar Citizen events, both small and large. Other members have made it to such events as well. I feel that the effort going to an event that celebrates Star Citizen is really worth your time and really allows people to soak in your opinions, suggestions and allows you to listen to theirs.

[Note: We’ve been pretty happy with 3.12 in the PU and we want to increase actively playing SC if possible. While bugs may interfere with sustained play, we also join in other games such as Sea of Thieves, Arma 3, or even SCUM…]

Have a great day!
Adm. Kusanagi


“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
― André Gide

The above quote happened on Earth in a time before flight was achieved. But the embodiment of those words ring true for every generation of men, women, other genders, or even other species that find their true purpose in life, up in the stars. Individuals who push the limits of exploration for themselves while teaching the known Universe something new each day.

That’s a lot to think about…but let’s keep things simple for the time being.—-

This Corporation is currently designed as a Medium sized Unit that is Pro UEE, so we’re striving to keep things professional while keeping things social and friendly. While larger Orgs try to increase their ranks into 5,000+ members to wage all out wars. We take your characters lives very seriously and won’t jeopardize them on a whim to see what would be really cool this week. We’re trying to create a sense of camaraderie for our members, while not trying to pick fights…but like Chess, sometimes the best moves are those that wait for their opponent to expose a weakness.

  • (Star Citizen is implementing Perma-Death where your character can only be fixed up so many times….and if you die, there’s an inheritance tax for your money that moves over to the new character which you’ll need to create to replace the deceased one. So…we take your character’s life seriously.)

Now, there are countless videos out there in the web that show you how to open a door or pick up a box…but doing things in Star Citizen, much like in real life is not done by watching countless videos or by reading an Org manual that would put any normal librarian to sleep. It’s done by placing yourself in a situation to do it yourself and by practicing it. It is the goal of this organization to train people who ask to be trained one-on-one. That’s right. We want people who would like to mentor other players. While we don’t dictate you take any training at all. We do expect you to be proficient, patient and can communicate well with others. You see…I, we…realize that you are the current embodiment of a family chain thousands of generations long. Those who came before in life and progressed through life with great difficulty. For that reason, we’ll assume your brain works.

Science Fiction in general is about more than just shooting things up. It’s about growing. It’s about perseverance. And it’s about family….or those one would include as family. For instance Star Trek had Kirk complaining to Bones about how one deals with getting old. How about Picard dealing with the loss of Data who was not just a crewman but much like a son…. And yes, we watched Wesley (hated his character) finding his own direction in life while on the flip end, we see Kirk’s friend…truly being “ the most human” person he’d found in his travels.

What if we could create something that was just half that in SC?

I think that’s a pretty cool goal….


Admiral Kusanagi
CEO & Fleet Admiral
Interstellar Mining Enterprises Inc.

We treat people with respect…no matter their race, color, religion, education, age, national origin, military service, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. This includes any and all spectrums that fall within LGBTQQ. *Griefers, on the other hand are to be terminated on-sight.


The Org is actively accepting applications for Exclusive Memberships ONLY. However, there is one specific type of shown Affiliation. And there are a few types of Affiliations a member can have outside the org. *See part B, Memberships.

– Those who join are reminded to check the Spectrum org site once a member to find our Discord link –

  • Preamble for the Charter
  • A – Organizational Divisions
  • B – Memberships
  • C – Officers
  • D – Other

Preamble for the Charter of “Interstellar Mining Enterprises Inc.”

This Corporation has been formed with the intent of fulfilling a function which allows greater results than any one ship or crew could accomplish on their own. The purpose of this company is to discover mineral locations, mine those locations and transport the minerals to market. We will also provide in-house security and pursue discoveries in engineering and space.

  • This Corporation has created an alliance with the International Organization called “Babylon 6”. It is mostly a German org with English being a primary language. It is made up of over 37 orgs as of last year, (mostly European) to create a player run Space Station that we will be apart of. This allows us greater flexibility for trade, better costs related to upgrades and repairs…and also gives us an Automatic base of operations for that given area of space. We however, are not in an agreement to provide any mandatory services.

A – Organizational Divisions

This company’s structure will focus on the following Divisions.

  1. Resource gathering – Div. of Mining & Geology
  2. Cargo(to include fuel) – Div. of Logistical Support

Mining & Geology

The Mining division will mine minerals and gas deposits for the benefit of the Corporation. In a best case scenario, our Exploration teams will discover locations that satisfy the needs of the Mining Division. This would negate the need to pay another firm for information regarding suitable locations… If we feel an area can be sold off after a time period to a broker so our mining can move elsewhere, that would be financially advantageous.

Logistical Support

Transport of supplies and mined minerals will be pursued. Normal cargo missions aside from mining operations will also be done to provide different streams of funding. This division also provides fuel transportation to ensure operations run smoothly. Low tier cargo hauls will be primarily to acclimate new members to the corporation which allows the company time to decide if we want to keep the new recruit…

Secondary Divisions/Brigades
- Security
- Exploration
- Science


This division will be used for the protection of ships, mining locations and other assets.

“Survey and Management”

For the Exploration of systems which will direct the company to successful locations. This information can be used for either IE Inc. itself, or it could be sold to information brokers depending upon the size and type of find while gathering data.


For the Science Brigade…these member locations will be restricted to even the overall org, and their data can be useful for everything from standard nav studies, Rich Asteroid Fields to jump point discoveries.


B – Memberships

Members will be accepted in the company as a Main Member. Please try to adhere to appropriate protocol while with the company. No unwarranted engagement shall take place that will endanger the crew, ship or mission unless it’s necessary.

  • Payment system for members will be based off rank, the size of operation and the needs of the company such as repairs, etc..
    >>> (Details for this system is found within the Spectrum Corporation forum as this is a Corporate Trade Secret)
  • Promotions will be based on factors such as time-in-grade, contributing factors (as in multiple discoveries), or exceptional service. Exceptional service can come in any form. Excellent mining abilities, fighting, helping others start out, etc. That being said…leaders will lead by example.
  • The ranking system is based on the Naval command structure to promote ease of operations.


We aren’t trying to do it all…so a few affiliations are allowed for members.
What does this mean?

To not get booted from the Org….you may create Affiliations with others orgs or companies using the following examples… you play with your friends and family and have a small org with them doing Mining or anything else in the verse. We’re ok with that, even if we do the same thing. You want to join a huge rescue or bounty hunter org…things we don’t do. Also ok.
You want to join an org of similar or greater size in the field of mining or any other field we cover…. NOT ok.

Organizational affiliations will be with organizational representatives ONLY, not individual players who don’t have a clue what they want to do in the game. If someone is sharing their valuable time across multiple orgs, 20 percent here or 20 percent there…you are no benefit to any of them. We will weed out current and future members who go that route.

Please NOTE: Absolutely no members are allowed to have “Redacted or Hidden” memberships with other organizations. These requirements will be upheld with routine checks of member profiles.

  • Admiral – (Fleet Admiral is assumed by the CEO, 1 Admiral per Division, 1-2 Vice-Admirals per Division)

Current Ranks (All members)
Lt. Commander

Wanted Rank Structure (Main Exclusive Members)
Lt. Commander
Petty Officer

Wanted Rank Structure (Affiliate members)
Will look into separate ranking structure for Affiliates.

Field Promotions
It is understood that certain new members may have added value than most new recruits. Taking that into consideration, new members may be field promoted. Unlike some Orgs who want complete control of their ship, we want that owner to take pride that they’re in our Organization and that we here at IEINC acknowledge that. These are not automatic promotions however.

Larger ship owners could be “fast-tracked” for promotion if they’re putting ample time into the goals of the company and want to be actively involved. Certainly, there are people who bought a cool ship and just want to do their thing without being bothered with responsibility. We get that too.

[ While personal fleets allow people to be fast-tracked, there needs to be an open position for the rank. Changing company population +/- and member activity.] Whether or not someone is field promoted… *see “Need-to-Know” below under Officers.


C – Officers

Officers will be added as soon as deemed appropriate. (EXAMPLE – the necessity of needing 7-10 Admirals isn’t likely early on.)
This corporation will be set up using a Need to Know basis. Meaning, officers will be granted further knowledge based upon rank into the operations that matter to them. Mining officers may have a broader view of Security operations than what officers in Security would have. Furthermore, internal security practices by mining may not be known to security. This ensures people with command decisions have the information they need to do their job but also helps ensure that espionage can be curtailed to a certain degree. Newer members with Field Promotions will be monitored for appropriate behavior for the rank they hold.

  • Officers are promoted due to their commitment to see this company becoming successful, while we aren’t a hardcore org, not being active within it for extended periods of time(as in weeks or months) reduces any positive impact of the promotion so being promoted will not guarantee your rank if you’re never here.(Of course letting us know beforehand will take care of that.)
  • Any Officers may at any time, suspend a lower member until the situation can be verified and judged upon. These situations will be looked upon very carefully to ensure that the lower member wasn’t treated unfairly and the officer wasn’t stepping beyond their authority.
  • If there is a problem with an affiliate, member or officer and the Corporation members feel the need to voice their concerns, you are advised to send a notice to the next highest ranking person in your Chain of Command.
    —>>If you feel there is a threat to the company by an insider, you may contact multiple ranks as appropriate, as soon as possible (ASAP).
  • The CEO has within their power, the ability to remove any member, be them officer or not, for any reason, to ensure the appropriate treatment of members, safety of company personnel, company secrets and financial security.


D – Other

– Communications (VERY IMPORTANT)
While Spectrum is usable right now, the majority of communications is done via Discord. Once you have been approved for full membership or affiliate status, check the Org Spectrum site under “***Communications *** for the current link to it.

– Amendments
It is within the authority of this Charter, that Amendments will be needed as time dictates upon the release of Star Citizen. Amendments shall be brought forth by an Officer vote ONLY, but any member may request an officer to take up the issue if the officer feels it’s appropriate.

  • Major topics needing a vote will be done by Admiral ranking levels only.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the CEO has within his/her office, the power of Executive Order so that decisions or Amendments can be placed at will for the better interest of the Corporation.

To reiterate, we treat all people with respect…no matter their race, color, religion, education, age, national origin, military service, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression and any all spectrums that fall within LGBTQQ.


- End of Charter -

All members should routinely check the Org Spectrum page for access to the current 9 Chat Lobbies, 14 Forums, along with the link to the org Discord found under the FORUM – “Communications”.