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Inter-Galactic Fiduciary Covenant / IGFC

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The Inter-Galactic Fiduciary Covenant aims to be a cohesive collection of skilled and cooperative members, that as a team creates a profitable organisation while still allowing independence among it’s members.
Our core values are teamwork, loyalty, agility, integrity, initiative and friendship.


The Inter-Galactic Fiduciary Covenant was founded in 2948 to create a new, independent and open minded organisation, based on the idea of a cohesive, value driven team. The IGFC aimed to encourage a high level of independence and initiative from its members while still enjoying all the benefits that an effective organisation allows.

Being a relatively new organisation, much of our history and legacy lies in the future, where we plan to make our mark among the stars.


The Manifesto for the Inter-Galactic Fiduciary Covenant

1. Intent:
The intent of the IGFC is to create a strong, cohesive, profitable organisation built on supportive, value driven members.
A cohesive and supportive organisation, the IGFC will provide a large level of independence to its members, and furthermore will support individual ventures and journeys within the verse as well as its own main goals and interests.

2. Motives:
The main motive of the IGFC is to provide a strong and cohesive organisation for its members to enjoy.
Benefits will include income, support of all forms, and the protection and productivity only a team can produce.

The IGFC aims to maintain an open approach to achieving its aims and interests. Members will enjoy from this a flexibility in both support and operational activity.

This concludes the first edition of the Inter-Galactic Fiduciary Covenant.

Sebastian Darkspace – Founder


The Charter of the Inter-Galactic Fiduciary Covenant:

1. Introduction:
a) This organisation aims to be a profitable and cohesive cohort of regular and value driven members. In order to accomplish this our members must be of the standard set out in this charter.

b) This charter includes the purpose, standards, and direction of the Inter-Galactic Fiduciary Covenant (IGFC).

2. Purpose:
a) This organisation is a for profit entity. This means that the organisation and its members will receive an income, dependent on factors such as member count, member productivity and overall organisational health.

b) This organisation is a safe haven and base of support for its members. The IGFC will allow its members to work independently as long as it does not bring the organisation into disrepute. Furthermore, members will receive a level of support on their own ventures and projects, in the form of cooperation, funding and other assistance as needed. Any member causing harm or found to be negligent towards another member will be terminated from the organisation.

3. Standards and Values:
a) The IGFC requires all members to uphold the organisational values and standards, and to not bring the reputation into disrepute. Any violation of this will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and may result in the termination from the organisation.

b) The values of the IGFC are:
i) Teamwork: All members are expected to be able to work well in a team environment.
ii) Loyalty: All members are expected to be loyal and trustworthy to the organisation and vice versa.
iii) Agility: All members are to maintain a level of agility in both mind and work, able to adapt to situations quickly.
iv) Integrity: All members will form an integral part of the team at all levels, and thus must be honest and trustworthy.
v) Initiative: All members will be allowed independence. As part of that, members are expected to take initiative into their own lives, ventures and enjoyment as well as furthering the capability of the organisation itself.
vi) Friendship: In order to create a cohesive organisation, a level of natural camaraderie and friendship is necessary. Members who fall out will be expected to resolve the dispute within a short amount of time, as rivalry and/or grudges will crack the cohesive nature of the organisation.

This concludes the first edition of the Inter-Galactic Fiduciary Covenant.

Sebastian Darkspace – Founder