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Iron Horse Industries.

Industry, Security and Racing

“We get it done”

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Founded in 2942 by two retired UEE navy pilots Turor Eutobi and Tychus Winter, Iron Horse Industries started small as a two pilot mining/hauling operation making meager profit and struggling to win contracts.

By 2946 with the addition of more ex UEE military and others the company started to branch out to jump point mapping, manufacture and search and rescue as well as taking minor jobs in other facets of industry.

Since then the company has experienced a time of growth and increased profits allowing it take on other roles such as the Heritage project and to transform into the multi level business it is today.

Allied Organizations.



Unified Armistice Association

Hyde Customs

New Frontier Initiative

Omega Corporation

Zero Risk Security Freelance

Emerald Cross Aid

Citizens Coffee Company

United Empire of Earth Naval Reserves

Red Knight Racing Cooperative


“We get it done.” Founded in 2942 Iron horse Industries has been a leading supplier and distribution center of vehicle, ship and firearms munitions. Our personally sourced high grade materials and meticulous quality control ensures that you the consumer receives the best product in a timely fashion. Our facilities on Borea are state of the art and tours of the complex are available by appointment.


In order to operate as a functioning organization, members of Iron Horse Industries ( IHI ) will have to follow a few simple rules.

IHI has members from all over the world and from all walks of life. It is our primary rule that mutual respect is shared among all members regardless of rank or status.

We know and respect that everybody has a different idea of fun, but we do not tolerate trolling at another members expense.

Discord is currently our primary communications platform and we ask that when using the org discord server keep the conversations relevant to the appropriate channels.

No discussing of sensitive org info in public channels

We have a ZERO tolerance policy in regard to PIRACY and GRIEFING. Anybody caught engaging in such activities will be promptly warned and subsequently removed if continued.

IHI is involved in several inter-org alliances. We view these allies just as important as our own members, it is your responsibility to be aware of these alliances and in that regard act accordingly when encountering them in game.

Affiliates and Ambassadors are prohibited from recruiting IHI members. If we get made aware of this it will be followed by a perma-ban and dissolution of the alliance.