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Roberts Space Industries ®

Iron & Ice Escort and Exploration / IIEE

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Iron & Ice, providing your transport escorting and deep space exploration needs. No questions, no rules, just the job. At a price of course.


Iron & Ice Escort and Exploration is an upstart newly founded company designed to help you bring your goods home without much fuss to you at all. Minus a nominal bill of course. We also specialize in deep space exploration for that person/group that is looking to expand and doesn’t want to take that upfront risk.


IIEE is committed to providing the best, most professional, and timely escort and exploration on the market today. We have hopes of expanding our ranks of employees to hand large volumes of orders for anything from transport escort to deep space exploration. All at a reasonable fee to you.


No member of IIEE will steal nor hold ransom goods in our escorting care, your cargo is our main priority.
No questions will be asked. Distance, time, amount to be paid, these are the only things we worry about.
As it comes to exploration, one member of the vested party will accompany IIEE staff on a high quality, and very capable, ship in order to verify what is being looked for and that it suits your needs. Exploration pay will be negotiated up front with half due upon departure and half upon return.