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Interstellar Logistics Prime Corp. / ILPC

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IPLC Interstellar Prime Logistics Corporation is Founded on logistical transport, freelance work and piloting within the verse.
Our aim is to provide skilled dedicated services, transport and delivery of customers, ships and cargo all at competitive rates.
You provide the ship. we deliver it!


Interstellar prime is a new company, our goals are to provide logistics to the sector in a timely and effective way.
It takes dedication to be a pilot in this fast moving fast paced environment, with capable pilots and a solid work ethic, Interstellar Logics Prime Corporation is the way to go If you need cargo moved reliably.

IP’s Inception has not always been the smoothest however it continues to build and grow. our current fleet consists of a few vessels however we transport vast amounts of cargo and ferry ships to destinations where they can be retrieved without insurance claims.
Interstellar prime.

Reach for the stars.


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