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Imperii Romani / IMPERIUM4

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In the 400’s The Great Roman Empire fell and barbarians have ruled ever since. We the tactful are Enlightenment. We are the new age of the Fallen Empire. We are the Emperri Romani


The last glimpse of Roman Empire was gone when Odoacer of a Germanic Tribe conquered Rome. In this attack, one Magister managed to escape. Decimus the Fray, and with him, the secrets of the Fallen Empire. The dark ages had taken all of his children and he had to pass this information on the day the Empire can rise again. these secrets passed to the man with no name, the Lord of the Shadow. [REDACTED INFORMATION]. Now we are tired of hiding in the shadows. We will bring Enlightenment. stand with us the Emperri Romani


The Emperii Romani’s goal is to bring Enlightenment, Peace, and Unity back to the United Earth Corporation and the galaxy after the terror that was Ivar Messer.