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Interstellar Materials & Transportation Corp. / IMT

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Need it fast with Security? Leave it to IMT! We offer reliable resource gathering and transport services to fit your needs!


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


We at Interstellar Materials and Transportation are committed to providing safe and secure transportation of materials and resources.

Our Employees are prompt, Professional, and courteous.

All contracts are negotiated in fairness with utmost attention to service and detail.


Interstellar Materials and Transportation (IMT)

IMT is a Material and transportation company that provides service to Manufacturers, whole sellers and refineries.

We at IMT provide Transportation of goods, Materials, personnel, and resources.

Our markets include but are not limited to the manufacturing industry, Commercial industry, utility industry, retail industry, and individual deliveries.

All contracts are negotiated between IMT and the Contracted. IMT reserves the right to make any contract null and void upon violation of terms.

Our services will range from local planetary businesses to Fringe World Systems.

Interstellar Materials and Transportation has been in business since 2187 and continues its Trade with Integrity, honesty, and pride.