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Immobilized Command, the active in-game PMC contingent of the Immobile Infantry Twitch community.

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Immobilized Command is the active in-game division of the Immobile Infantry Twitch community, founded by long-time Star Citizen Twitch broadcaster DTOX_TV and community member Aristaan in Dec 2017. Combined arms events, ORG vs ORG scrims, PvE and more. Active in the Verse? Apply now!

We are an awesome community of Star Citizen loving nerds with an appetite to do BATTLE. We have an unwavering will to be fused to our seats, ready to crusade through the digital world until our desire for entertainment has been satiated – donning the notorious title and variations of, The Immobilized.


The chief intent of Immobilized Command is to provide a fun and organized affiliate Org for Twitch broadcast-related operations, outside and during stream-schedule at DTOX_TV.

Under his command, our will is unerring. No matter what the Immobile Network requires, we will do everything in our power to provide it! Servitude is an honor, and we all know it’s worth the ammunition to enact swift justice.

Let us not forget that we are the first in, last out. We remain endlessly vigilant, and we will never falter, and we will not fail. We are Immobile. Unmovable like the mountains, and strong as the tides that crash against them.

Space battles, ground skirmishes, cargo hauling, escort missions and routine contracts are among some of the activities we regularly take part in, on and off the stream. If you’re a member of our Twitch community and would like to take part, apply today!


“Have fun, that’s an order!”

We’re civil, not lawless pirates. No backstabbing, flaming, trolling, cheesy tactics or overuse of imbalanced weaponry. Give everyone a chance to create the most enjoyable experience possible. Treat everyone fair, and provide the experience YOU would appreciate having. You are a reflection of the org, DTOX_TV and its community. Be respectful, and don’t be an attention seeker. Most of all, have fun! And keep it Immobile.

Should you choose to welcome these ideals, you are welcome among us!

Meaty salutes,