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Roberts Space Industries

The Cerberus / LOGICS

  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Scouting
  • Resources

Our drive is ‘possibility’. We dive deep into paths others have desisted to explore, thanks to our outfitted vessel. We are here to expand the industrial and scientific horizons of humanity through strong logistics operations and deep space expeditions. We welcome English and Spanish speakers.


The Cerberus is an outfitted 890 jump capable of navigating rough terrains providing a worthy living condition for it’s crew and visitors, the engines optimized for better fuel scooping and bigger fuel pods help The Cerberus travel long distances without having to stop. The crew is a mixture of businessmen, scientists and outlaws looking for the next big thing.

After-action reports from the Idris IV mention a bombing crew nicknamed ‘Cerberus’, after the ruthless operations the managed to carry out during the trvarin war. Reports mainly mention successful operations during the main assault by the Tevarin fleet during the last push of the UEE. AARs of Air to ground support, emergency extractions, resource protection and including one of the few crews who managed to deliver successfully the R27HE prototypes by a precision strikes accompanied their dossier.

The crew is now retired from the military keeps working together for the private sector in the industrial and science branches as a specialized expeditionary crew flying under no specific banner. Fueled by the thrill of adventure, the crew travels into uncharted and conflicted zones in search for exotic, valuable resources and data of interest for research foundations and other industrial corps. In the present time, our crew has expanded into prospection and opened up to market exotic minerals found deep into these systems.

If you are looking to inquire more about our operations or become part of our crew, visit our Front Desk , we usually hang out at the hangar so just pingus at the public lobby and one of our crew members will help you out.


From Coal To Diamond

Though our crew has its history in the military; today we are a private company and as such, we adhere to the laws of whatever system we are performing services.

Cerberus Expeditionary crew was conceived by the teamwork executed in active conflict zones during the Tevarin war. Today the crew has evolved to not only meet the new challenges but has expanded to meet the needs and demands of the new generation of the private sector. Keeping with the original mission Cerberus Expeditionary Crew offers the following to its clients and partners.

1. Scientific data collection
2. Exploration and Charting
3. Resource protection
4. Mining operations


Article I

Every crew member needs to be capable to operate efficiently in the role(s) they have chosen to fulfill.

Article II

We train constantly as a team, we try to improve our way of operating together as a crew on board the vessels that will need to be managed for the different contracts carry out.

Article III

We do not condone piracy. We will always respect the laws of the system we operate on unless fired upon.

Article IV
We believe in diplomacy and collaboration. Dialogue will always be our first option.

The roles created for this crew are to fulfill a specific task within the operation, the more experience you get in each role the more roles you can pick-up and carry out. The hierarchy we follow is a simplified version of a naval vessel: Captain>Chief Officer>Engineer>Crew. Apart from the rank in the hierarchy you can choose from the different professions you can specialize by flying with us.

Mining Chief Engineer

Person capable of running and coordinating prospection operations.

Communications Engineer

Crew member in charge of communicating with other vessels as well as air traffic control

Combat Pilot

When operating from a capital ship, there is the need for light or heavy fighter escort, this ship is either deployed from the capital ship making you an onboard pilot or deployed from one of the stations, mostly working as a QRF or escort for important targets.

Prospector Engineer
Crew Operative
Capital Pilot
Scout Operative