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Legion of Smiling Death / LSD

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Fires in the Night.
Blossoms of unimaginable destruction unfurl delicate petals of fire and shrapnel as dewdrops of flash frozen blood and oil coalesce in lazy eddies that drift off into the Void. The burning hulk heaves one final throe and breaks in two, each half on an opposite trajectory, ne’er to meet again.
Welcome to our world Citizen. This is how most of us out here die. Those who don’t burn to death usually freeze in seconds, gagging in a vain attempt to suck oxygen from nothingness.
But where would Mankind be without us? If Gagarin had feared to fly? If Armstrong had been afraid to take that one small step? If Croshaw had feared the Night? We would be dust and bones and footnotes in a Xi’an xenoarchaeology treatise.

The Legion of Smiling Death does not fear the Night, we embrace her and light a beacon for Mankind to follow. We have seen the horrors of war and the barbarity of the unknown. We have loved and we have lost. We are stronger for having beaten our demons.


The core values of LSD are as follows:

Honor- The sole trait that separates man and animal. An honorable man holds himself accountable for his own actions, he gives the due respect to others, regardless of whether or not that respect is returned. An understanding that must be upheld is that the purpose of the strong is to elevate the weak, for we are all weak in some form and all strong in others.

Integrity- The truth is difficult to see, thus is it strength in man when he does not conceal the truth, no matter the cost. Candor is a requirement, as sometimes that which is needed to be said is not what is wanted to be heard.

Courage- To stand firm one’s ground despite the odds. The enemies that assault us from without and the enemy that claws at us from the inside. Fear is never an excuse for failure, and no battle was ever won with one’s back turned to it.

Perseverance- Never Quit. As waves crash upon the beach, so too does tides of fortune, one must simply hold out against the odds.