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“Mittere one Ratio”

Together we are free…


M1R was originally concepted in 2951 by the groups founder Ehoc but was not fully formed until 2952 when the first official member joined the syndicate.
After several years of independent endeavors Ehoc found the oppressing presence of the UEE restricting. Combined with unstable criminal factions he saw his freedom severely limited by the actions of others, and decided to create a network of like-minded people across the verse.
This was the first foundation of what would eventually become M1R.

M1R stands for “Mittere one Ratio”, translating loosely as “To release one mind.” Taking the wider meaning of the ancient Latin words “Mittere” which translates to; to bring out, to emit or to put forth, combining it with “Ratio” translating to; mind, intention, aim or goal.
The phrase is a poetic way of describing the purpose of the syndicates; to allow its members free will and the freedom to pursue their goals, supplemented by their fellow members.

M1R allows members to put forth a cause or goal they wish to achieve which is then challenged and analyzed by the syndicate before it is voted on. Once all discussion is over and the vote has been cast, every member is required to accept the outcome, and those in favor are required to make their resources and assets available to the cause.

This structure enables both individuals and small organizations to pursue goals with the resources and assets of a megacorporation, which in turn grants the freedom they seek.


M1R is freedom.

Free of the UEE restrictions.
Free of the Advocacy persecution.
Free to act.
Free to live.

Together we gain the power that grants us freedom.


All members of M1R are expected to be respectful of each other and not interfere with other members’ ventures in any way.
Privacy and freedom are the foundational pillars upon which the syndicate is constructed and these will be honored at all times by all members.
Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the syndicate.

All members are free to present the syndicate with a cause or goal they wish to pursue and have it voted upon for support. Each cause and goal brought before the syndicate will be challenged and analyzed to ensure that every variable is considered before any resources are committed to the cause.
During deliberations all members are free and encouraged to critically evaluate the proposition presented to ensure each case is presented with as much information as possible.
The case will then be presented to all members with all relevant information, including but not limited to; the required resources, the required planning, the potential hazards and, the desired outcome.
The case will then be voted upon by all available members.
Once voting is over there will be no further discussion of the case and all members are required to respect the results.

Those who vote in favor of a case are required to make their resources and assets available for the completion of the case as presented. Members who have committed to a cause may not withdraw their support once voting is done, regardless of unforeseen challenges or issues that may arise. It is possible to request more support to ensure a goal is reached, but no members are required to assist in a cause they originally did not support.

M1R is not bound by UEE rules and regulation, and any cause may be brought before the syndicate.

In case of conflicting goals M1R leadership has full authority to decide which cause M1R will support. Members with conflicting goals will be given the chance to present their cases to the M1R leadership and all members are encouraged to take part in discussions to ensure the leadership has enough information to make a proper judgment.

When a conflict has been ruled over by the M1R leadership, members who decide to pursue their failed cause alone may be expelled from the syndicate, and may be terminated.