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Mandalorian Armed Forces / MAFCLAN

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    Bounty Hunting

Mandos fight for Mandos.


Founded in 2004 for mutual defense in a game where lone players got the short stick, we have a long and colorful history. The clan has had its ups and downs, but were still standing. As of a few years ago, we made the leap to a multi game format as a clan. Our core belief is that every member is responsible for standing up for and helping each other, we believe that you have a duty to speak your mind when you feel it needs to be spoken, and that everyone is welcome as long as they contribute to the welfare of the clan. People who take initiatives tend to rise up our ranks quickly, we award rank and authority within the clan based on merit, not favoritism. We are looking to expand pretty heavily, so we will also have command opportunities coming as we reach certain milestones.


Our motives are to support, expand, and protect the brotherhood we have forged over the last decade plus. We are not just a gaming clan, we are a family.


We only have 6 Rules.

1) Upon joining, you are ALWAYS representing us.

2) Say what you think needs to be said. Honesty is key for growth. Even when the truth hurts.

3)Always be willing and able to defend yourself, and other members.

4) Every member has a duty to teach newer members what we are about.

5) Contribute to the welfare of the clan.

6) When the leadership issues a call to arms, you are required to respond, if available.