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The Empire of Matora / MATORA

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Exploration

“Through the Ashes.”


The Empire was formed over 300 sol-cycles ago in a long lost system well beyond the reach of the tyrannical United Earth Empire during the Messer era. The Empire was peaceful and prosperous, mostly keeping to themselves however once discovered by the UEE things took a turn for the worse as the UEE attempted hostile assimilation of Matora into UEE control, seeing Matora as an unknown potential threat. Matora ambassadors attempted multiple negotiations of peace with the UEE to put an end to the violence and senseless loss of life however after many failed attempts the Empire of Matora was forced to push back, Declaring all out War against the UEE, A day no Matorian never thought they would witness. The Imperial Navy was then mobilized immediately into duty.


The intention of the Empire is to combat UEE Tyranny for all peoples to be free.

Motives of the Empire are that of suffering at the UEE’s hand during war.

The Empire has tried time and time again for diplomacy only to be met with guns. Now it’s our turn to respond in kind.


The general laws of the Empire.

- Be respective to everyone.
- Racism, Discrimination, Trolling, Griefing, and Inappropriate Behaviour is not tolerated.
- Roleplay is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
- The Emperor/ess has final say in ALL disputes.