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Welcome to Medvind Fleet

Update in progress!

We are not intrested in a merge nor to become a large organisation.
Our goal is to have fun, get together at the evenings or weekends for a glas and some chat on our VoIP’s.

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  • 2949-07-04
    Medvind Fleet opening up recruitment to strengthening it’s roster.
  • 2948-06-05
    Medvind Fleet observing an increase in UEE stations and ships in the Crusader system.
  • 2947-04-30
    Medvind Fleet builds it’s first hidden astroid base.
  • 2947-02-16
    Medvind Fleet invests in more ships.
  • 2946-11-08
    Security forces from Medvind Fleet discovers sandworms on Daymar, is it a threat to workers on the planet?
  • 2946-09-22
    Medvind Fleet establish it’s first secure trade route from Crusader.
  • 2946-07-12
    Medvind Fleet is formed as a response of a growing threat from Vanduul and Pirates attacks.

Medvind Fleet was founded in assocation with our gaming community Medvind Gaming and our World of Warcraft guild Medvind 2016-07-12.

We are a swedish regular fleet started by friends that known each other and been playing other games for a long time together, that however doesn’t mean that you as a new player will have a hard time getting into the fleet nor to get to know us, we embrace newcomers.

The original members of Medvind Fleet has been supporting this endeavour since its kickstarter era.


Rules of Conduct

A – General rules of conduct for Medvind Fleet and Medvind Gaming

  • 1. Don’t be an asshole, don’t create drama.
  • 2. Bad or immature behavior that can impair our gaming community or our organizarions reputation will not be tolerated.
  • 3. We like to joke and curse or swear in the organization, but we will not allow personal attacks, bullying or name calling for destructive purposes. If you hold grudges let our officers or board members know.
  • 4. Racial or sexual attacks is not allowed, in the organization and the gaming community we are all equal.
  • 5. If you hold grudges to a member in the organization solve it with the person in question asap. If you can’t solve the incident by yourself, contact an officer or board member for help.
  • 6. We allow people in our community to talk politics in the chats and on the VoIP’s. But do it as grown ups, respect that people might have a different opinion than you.
  • 7. Cheating in Star Citizen is strictly forbidden. People that been caught cheating, scripting or using bots or other third party applications to alter the game to their advantage will be kicked from the organization without warning.

Point 1-6 apply to Medvind Gaming’s forum chat and VoIP aswell as the ingame chat and Star Citizen forum (Spectrum).

B – Organization rules of conduct

  • Our Organization will never conduct piracy actions. Our members are free to do whatever they like when not working for the organization, but if a member is caught in piracy or outlaw activites against our allied organizations or work against members of our own Org or allies they will be removed from the Organization. Choose your targets carefully
  • TS3 and/or Discord is required of you during big organization events or sanctioned attacks by the organization’s leadership.

C – Absence – Rules of Conduct

  • We have an forum thread on our own community (Medvind) forums for absence.
    If you planing a leave of absence of 4 weeks or more create a post and let us know, people offline more then 4 weeks will be removed from the organization. If the same person will also lose it’s rank if he or she comes back to the Org again.
    Don’t tell us on VoIP’s or ingame, create a post, it’s impossible to remember who said what after 3-4 weeks.

D – TS3 and Discord – Rules of Conduct

  • 1. As we are a gaming community their might be more people online in other channels, playing other games. Say hello, but don’t join their channel to annoy or irritate them, respect each other and if they so wish, leave them in peace.
  • 2. During big events our VoIP’s tend to fill up, even tho we like to joke around don’t scream make annoying noices or otherwise irritate our fellows members.

E – Forums – Rules of Conduct

  • 1. Check our forums frequently for news or announcements.
  • 2. The general rules of conduct point “A 1-6” also applies on our forums and mChat.

F – Ranks – Rules of Conduct

  • 1. Recruits will enter on the rank recruit, don’t bitch or nag about wanting a higher rank, we will promote people accordingly. It will not go any faster just because you nag about it. Promotes will either happend by time, accomplishment and of course own initiatives.
  • 2. Higher rank such as board member or department head. Can you as a recruit become a department head or board member?.
    Yes of course, take into account tho that this is a slow process. For a new member to become a board member they will have to climb thru the ranks, but there must also be a board member slot opened (example: if someone stepping down).
    Same for Department Head or any other leadership rank.

When we wanna fill a spot for Department Head or Board Member we looking at the points below.

  • Availability
  • Own initiatives
  • Accomplishment
  • Behavior
  • Accommodating

We also value loyalty

These rules are work in progress and subject to change.

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If you want to become a member there are a few criterias we want you to fulfill, below you see which they are.

  • Speak swedish
  • Be of age 18 or above
  • Register an account on our official forums with your ingame nickname.
  • Have TeamSpeak 3 and/or Discord installed for big organisation events.

We are currently looking for players in all departments, even department heads, if you want to join and fulfill the critera above don’t hesitate to contact us, you can reach us from our homepage thru the menu tab “Rekrytering” or leave an application here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Medvind Fleet has 5 departments, joining 1 specific department doesn’t mean you can’t work in another, we just want people in all departments.

  • Security & Defense
  • Trade & Logistics
  • Intelligence & Reconnaissance
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Search & Rescue

You can read below what each of the departments are focusing on, we are currently looking for players in all departments.

Security & Defense
Department that handles security for the organisation, its members and its property.
Within this department you’ll find: Security, Defense, Escorts and sanctioned attacks by the organisation council.

Trade & Logistics
Department that handles: trade, cargo transports, deliveries and management of organisation gods, buy and trade.
This department also handles mining.

Intelligence & Reconnaissance
Department that handles tasks like exploration, recon, information gathering, anti-terror activities to protect organisation interests, members included.
This department also handles organisation communications, deliveries of sensitive information and materials and smuggling.

Service & Maintenance
Department that handles tasks like: Towing, refueling, rearming, repairs of organisation ships and stations. This department also handles salvage of ship wrecks.

Search & Rescue
This department focusing on SAR operations, medical transports, healthcare etc.

You can read more on our official homepage and forums (swedish) Medvind Gaming