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Roberts Space Industries ®

Mobiglass Merchants / MOBIMERCS

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You hear a crackle and popping – GRE REE ETTI NGS, as a wrench clang echos onto the audio CITIZENS a more audible voice emerges. Hey call-sign Owl here, look we are balls bearing deep in the middle of a market battle in deep space. In need of some unique skills, HIT JOIN if you got what it takes!


After years of working for the Covalex and Spamazon deliveries. Owl decided to branch off and begin his own company that will encase the envisions of excitement that occur during the various endeavors traversing through the entities an entrepreneur requires. The Mobiglass Merchants is an ever adapting entity that can grow and shrink at various times, but is in the constant movement of progress and change. As the days begin on the journey, may the paths of ours cross yours for an exciting exchange of scenarios. Till next time citizens Owl.

Jan 12th 2950


Who’s asking?


Who’s asking?