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Roberts Space Industries

Shadow Moses / MOZES

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Security
  • Piracy



2018: Fleet Shadow Moses was founded out of lack of competitiveness in the verse yet personalities grown out of control through Twitchonian propaganda, egos left unchecked and out of pure necessity Shadow Moses came to being. The Directorate was formed, the Astronomican lit and Stanton’s civil war had all but unfolded. After organizations wearing achievements from far distant universes with zero significance Fleet Shadow Moses had aimed to dismantle them all, and slowly over this period – did.

2019: The GREAT JUMP TOWN WAR was in full swing with many “competitive” PVP organizations attempting to secure the drug lab and rule over Crusader’s drug trade. By the last weeks of what was described as a war of endurance these PVP organizations had surrendered the territory. Several weeks later patch 3.4 was retired and Shadow Moses ruled over Yela’s frozen throne attaining the mantle of Stanton and hovered in orbit over a graveyard of lesser PVP organizations. With no exception.

2020: With the throne procured by the dedicated few and sights to the future of Stanton, Fleet Mosestartes, Shadow Moses is born to both defend the mantle and throne of dominance. By this year any PVP orientated organization had completely receded hostilities and aim to avoid any open conflict with the Mosestartes, Shadow Moses controlled Stanton.


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