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MRB Industries is a growing mining outfit who strives to give those who feel forgotten, desire and ambition. MRB Industries has a place for everyone. Once you hit bottom, there is always Moore. We strive to be independent and operate on the fringes of UEE controlled space.


After hitting rock bottom after a long and nasty divorce, Owen was left with almost nothing but his Cutlass Black and a little money. After deciding it was time to stand up and dust off to start over, Owen decided to follow his dream of starting a mining outfit. So, with the little money Owen had left, he decided to purchase a Prospector and start mining. After a few months of mining on his own – and getting himself out from under the rocks – Owen decided it was time to jumpstart his mining outfit and begin mining with others. And thus, Moore’s Rock Bottom Industries was founded on November 30, 2947. Because when you hit rock bottom, there is always Moore. Moore’s Rock Bottom Industries (MRBI) is looking for Miners, Haulers, and fighters to join our corporation.. We all have a past, but TOGETHER, we have a future.


MRB Industries

As a Corporation, we strive to maintain Self-Sufficiency and be Independent.
We respect and follow the UEE Laws!
We don’t tolerate MRB Industries members that are involved in criminal activities such as Piracy or Griefing.
We are known as respectable and trustworthy merchants, selling a variety of mined goods to the Citizens of the Verse.
We look forward to exploring every system in the Verse for the Best Damn Rock Bottoms we can find, and of course make Moore profit while doing it!
Our departments of Mining, Trading, Security, and Exploration provide a variety of Services such as:

Mining and Refining of Ore

Hauling and Trading of Cargo

Protection and Defense of our Territories

Keeping our members updated with valuable Mining and Trade Information



People with mature mentality.
A team player.
People who take part in daily corporate activities when online.

MRB Industries consists of four departments: Mining, Trading, Security, and Exploration. We want to create a community where all members enjoy a friendly and warm community atmosphere while engaging in team-based activities. Affiliates are also accepted that will serve as contacts with other organizations in order to cooperate on multiple levels.

Mining and Refining of Ore

Hauling and Trading of Cargo

Focuses mainly on the Protection of MRB Industries goods, property and members.
We also Offer a Personal and Ships to ensure no Pirate gets his Hand on your valuable merchandise.

When surviving in the Verse, Information is Key.
We see great use and potential in professions such as Info-Running and Exploration. We intend to control exclusive mining-claims and jump points.

As a well-established corporation founded on November 30, 2947, we do have a past. But with YOU, we have a Future.