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For your military needs!

Join as an affiliate for easy contract services


Join as an official member for money-making and occasional combat events

If you’re an organisation looking for some professional helping hands, contact
one of our Executives (members with roles assigned to them).


Information about the organisation is listed under ‘‘Manifesto’‘

HISTORY (2019 = 2949)

2945/10/05 – Attack on Vega ll

2945/11/10 – Declaration of war against the Vanduul

2949/09/25 – M.R.D Founded


Join us today! It only takes less than a minute to join! You can have up to 10 organisation and becoming an affiliate with us will boost our community and help us tremendously. Thank you!
Don’t want to let people know you’re affiliated with this org? Simply Hide or Redact our organisation

We are a newly founded private military organisation called M.R.D which stands for Military Resources of Defense. This organisation is divided into 2 groups: Official members and non-official members (affiliates)

Our goal for the non-official group is to build a huge contracting service where players can easily get help whether it be from our members or other contractors. Simply type in our Spectrum chat under ‘‘contracts’‘ what you need help with.

The other group is the official organisation where our main goal is to build a very dedicated and active trading organisation with daily cargo runs. Imagine this… You’re in your fighter, looking out your windshield you see a nice cinematic view of 3 Massive Hull E’s you are escorting, surrounded by a couple of other escorts knowing full well that those 3 fully loaded Hull E will arrive safely to their destination bringing you a lot of UEC… That my friend is our goal and vision. If you’re interested in joining the official organisation as a member, please contact one of our Executives :)


Our official organisation is currently inactive but we will start doing business as soon as we have at least 6 active members within our ranks.
What our plans for the future are when the organisation is active:

- 30-60 min cargo runs (will be events where the cargo runs are longer)
- Training academy where players take on an easy test to become a member.
- Weekly events
- Useful ranking system

Organisations uniform: Defiance Armour Tactical

Our current organisation fleet:

We are currently planning on getting a Hull E once we have the funds

Q & A

Q. So when will we expect the organisation to be active and running?
A. We are expecting to be active before the release of Star Citizen when we have at least 6 active members and the release of the Hull C ship.
Since Star Citizen won’t be released by then, we will only focus on weekly events and cargo-running drills rather than grinding. We are currently at 2/6 active members

Q. Does the organisation own any capital ships?
A. We are currently planing on getting a Hull E once we have the funds. After that, our focus will be to get multiple Hull D/E’s to increase revenue and profit where all players will be able to afford their own Javelin one day (doesn’t that sound awesome?).

Q. Which Region is this organisation active in?
A. The official organisation is currently active in EU

Q. What does useful ranking system mean?
A. It means that the ranking system in our organisation is useful and not all about status. We have a complex ranking system where we use points to determine the rank of a player. The better ship you own the higher rank you will be. During our cargo runs, players with higher rank will earn more. More information about our ranking system will be in our spectrum.

Q. Roleplay?
A. Yes. We don’t roleplay on a high-level but we do require that our members follow our theme and motives and wear the official
organisations uniform during events. Reason for this is that we would like to have an immersive team-play experience and to shoot any intruders aboard our vessel who is not in our Organisation due to not having the same Uniform

Q. Will the organisation own a future Bengal carrier?
A. Since we do not strictly follow UEE laws, a future Bengal is possible as M.R.D’s Headquarters.

Q. Is the organisation involved in any piracy or smuggling activities?
A. We do not engage ourselves in piracy but we might do some smuggling activities. After all, we are an organisation that ships Military Supplies to human beings in need of protection and we do not care if the goods are illegal or not, as long as humanity is safe against the hordes of Vanduul. This is why our organisation is called Military Resources of Defense.

If you have any other questions or want to leave a feedback about the org, simply contact one of our Executives


General rules everyone must follow:

- No discrimination of any kind
- Respect other players and don’t be rude
- No spamming chat
- No griefing and violating contracts

If you violate these rules, you will receive one of the followings:

1. Warned
2. Kicked/Banned & blacklisted