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Myriad Enterprises / MYRI

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“Within the Stars, Lies the Way Forward.”

Established in 2756, Myriad Enterprises pioneers exploration and R&D, pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Renowned for cutting-edge technology and daring ventures, we redefine the future.


In the expansive cosmos of the 29th century, Myriad Enterprises stands as a beacon of innovation, exploration, and research & development. Founded in the year 2756, Myriad Enterprises was conceived during a time when humanity’s reach extended far beyond the cradle of Earth. As the United Empire of Earth (UEE) sought to explore and exploit the vastness of space, Myriad emerged as a key player in shaping the future of interstellar endeavors.

The corporation was established by a consortium of visionary scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who shared a common dream of unlocking the mysteries of the universe. Myriad’s early years were marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what was deemed possible. The company’s first major breakthrough came with the development of cutting-edge propulsion systems that significantly enhanced the range and efficiency of UEE spacecraft.

Contributions to UEE Exploration:

Myriad Enterprises quickly became an invaluable asset to the UEE’s exploration efforts. The corporation played a crucial role in the development of advanced surveying technologies, enabling more accurate mapping of uncharted star systems. This, in turn, facilitated safer and more efficient travel through previously unknown regions of space. Myriad’s scientists and explorers became synonymous with the discovery of new celestial phenomena, habitable planets, and resource-rich asteroids.

As the UEE expanded its reach, Myriad Enterprises adapted and evolved to meet the challenges of the ever-changing frontier. The corporation became synonymous with the spirit of exploration and the pursuit of knowledge, earning the respect and trust of the UEE leadership.

Research & Development Excellence:

Myriad’s commitment to pushing the technological envelope extended beyond exploration. The corporation invested heavily in research & development, leading to groundbreaking advancements in fields such as quantum computing, energy generation, and materials science. Myriad’s innovations found applications not only in spacecraft but also in everyday technologies that improved the quality of life for citizens across the UEE.

The corporation’s R&D division became a melting pot of brilliant minds, attracting some of the galaxy’s foremost scientists and engineers. Myriad’s iconic Research Outposts dotted the far reaches of known space, serving as hubs for collaborative projects that pushed the limits of scientific understanding.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Throughout its long history, Myriad Enterprises faced its fair share of challenges. Economic downturns, political tensions, and the constant dangers of exploring the unknown tested the corporation’s resilience. However, Myriad’s ability to adapt, innovate, and persevere in the face of adversity allowed it to emerge stronger each time.

One of the most celebrated chapters in Myriad’s history came with the successful development of the revolutionary “Astrum Drive” in 2899, a quantum propulsion system that set new standards for speed and efficiency in interstellar travel. This achievement solidified Myriad’s position as a trailblazer in the field and propelled the UEE into a new era of exploration and expansion.

Legacy and Future:

Today, Myriad Enterprises continues to be at the forefront of interstellar exploration and research & development. The corporation’s legacy is woven into the fabric of the UEE’s history, and its contributions to science and technology are felt across the galaxy. Myriad remains committed to unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos, pushing the boundaries of knowledge, and paving the way for humanity’s continued journey among the stars.

As the universe unfolds its secrets, Myriad Enterprises stands ready to shape the destiny of the UEE and all those who dare to dream of the unexplored.


“Within the Stars, Lies the Way Forward.”

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where the mysteries of the universe beckon to be unraveled, Myriad Enterprises stands as a beacon of innovation, exploration, and unwavering commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. Established in the year 2756, our corporation has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of the United Empire of Earth’s ambitions, contributing to the progress of humanity and fostering the spirit of discovery.

Our Mission:

Myriad Enterprises is driven by an unyielding commitment to advancing the frontiers of knowledge, exploration, and research & development. Our mission is not just to explore the far reaches of space but to redefine the boundaries of possibility. We stand as stewards of progress, dedicated to the betterment of the UEE and all of humanity.


At the heart of Myriad Enterprises lies a passion for exploration. We boldly go where others hesitate, charting new systems, discovering uncharted territories, and unlocking the secrets of the cosmos. Our fleet of state-of-the-art exploration vessels is equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that no corner of the universe remains untouched by our insatiable curiosity.

Research & Development:

In the pursuit of knowledge, Myriad Enterprises has established itself as a paragon of innovation. Our R&D division is a crucible of creativity, where brilliant minds converge to create groundbreaking technologies that shape the future. From advanced propulsion systems to revolutionary terraforming techniques, our inventions not only push the boundaries of what is possible but redefine the very nature of possibility.

UEE Partnership:

Myriad Enterprises is honored to serve the United Empire of Earth in its grand endeavors. Our collaboration with the UEE spans decades, and we take pride in being at the forefront of projects that elevate humanity’s status in the cosmos. Whether it be the development of strategic outposts or the discovery of resource-rich planets, our partnership with the UEE remains a cornerstone of our identity.

Ethical Exploration:

As we venture into the unknown, Myriad Enterprises maintains an unwavering commitment to ethical exploration. We respect the rights of sentient beings and the delicate ecosystems we encounter. Our exploration efforts are conducted with the utmost care and consideration for the preservation of the natural balance that exists in the cosmos.

Myriad Community:

Myriad Enterprises is more than a corporation; it is a community of like-minded individuals united by a shared passion for exploration and discovery. Our diverse team of scientists, engineers, pilots, and support staff works collaboratively to overcome challenges and push the boundaries of what is possible. We believe in fostering a culture of inclusion, where every voice is heard, and every contribution is valued.

Join us on the journey of a lifetime as we chart new horizons, unlock the mysteries of the cosmos, and shape the destiny of humanity. Myriad Enterprises: “Within the Stars, Lies the Way Forward.”


We, the pioneers of Myriad Enterprises, embark upon a relentless pursuit of knowledge, discovery, and innovation. Since our inception in the year 2756, we have stood at the forefront of exploration and research & development, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human potential in the vast expanse of the cosmos.

Article I: Mission and Vision

Section 1: Mission

Myriad Enterprises is committed to advancing the frontiers of human understanding through exploration and cutting-edge research & development. We strive to unlock the mysteries of the universe, fostering progress and prosperity for the United Empire of Earth (UEE) and its citizens.

Section 2: Vision

We envision a future where the limitless possibilities of space are harnessed for the betterment of humanity. Myriad Enterprises aspires to be the beacon of innovation, leading the way into uncharted territories and revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with the cosmos.

Article II: Core Values

Section 1: Excellence

Myriad Enterprises is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its endeavors. We uphold the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and ethical conduct in our exploration and research initiatives.

Section 2: Collaboration

We recognize that the challenges of the cosmos are best met through collaboration. Myriad Enterprises fosters a culture of cooperation, where the diverse talents and perspectives of our team members converge to achieve groundbreaking results.

Section 3: Adaptability

The universe is ever-changing, and Myriad Enterprises embraces adaptability as a cornerstone of our success. We thrive in dynamic environments, leveraging innovation and flexibility to overcome obstacles and seize new opportunities.

Article III: Exploration and Research & Development

Section 1: Exploration

Myriad Enterprises commits to pushing the boundaries of exploration, venturing into the unknown to uncover hidden wonders and resources. We shall pioneer new star systems, charting courses that redefine the maps of the cosmos.

Section 2: Research & Development

In the pursuit of knowledge, Myriad Enterprises invests in cutting-edge research and development initiatives. We aim to be at the forefront of technological innovation, developing advancements that contribute to the prosperity and security of the UEE.

Article IV: Corporate Citizenship

Myriad Enterprises recognizes its responsibility as a corporate citizen within the UEE. We shall operate with integrity, respecting the laws and regulations that govern our actions. Additionally, we pledge to contribute positively to the communities we encounter in our exploration endeavors.

Article V: Amendments

This Charter may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Myriad Enterprises Board of Directors, provided that such amendments are in line with the organization’s mission, vision, and core values.

“Within the Stars, Lies the Way Forward.”