Roberts Space Industries


  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Infiltration
  • Exploration

“Greed, in all of its forms, greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge, has marked the upward surge in mankind.”


For time immemorial man has been enslaved by ignorance; The universe a mystery, it’s secrets lost, buried by those who would rule over them.

In an ancient past, Earth was discovered by beings from the stars. These were our creators, our masters. Enki, the architect of our race, sought to enlighten us with the secrets of the universe. He established a hidden order for this purpose, the Brotherhood of the Snake.

His superiors did not approve of this and for fear of revolt banished Enki and corrupted the order. Throughout history this has spawned many sects, religions and governments, distracting from the truth, controlling us, keeping us docile and oblivious.

We are the remnants of this archaic order, charged with the rediscovery and protection of these secrets. Our modern form is that of the N3 (new) Eon Corporation. Our mission is to scour the known verse in search of what we once had. Growing more powerful with each discovery.

The truth is out there.


Internal Memo:

“They say the truth will set you free… Here at N3[new] Eon Corporation we deal in secrets and their exploitation for the advancement of the corporation and its members.

Through infiltration and exploration, we unravel the unknown. Through resource and asset acquisition we enrich our future.

Our rules and laws are our own. We adhere to no one, government or creed. Therefore, we must operate under secrecy for the protection of our company.”


Who’s asking?