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NADF is your one stop shop for Private Military and Support needs.



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We’re a group of players from USA and Canada, due to the time zones and uncertainty with server lag and not knowing how it will be on release we decided to keep our organization focusing more North America.

We’re looking for pilots to fill our rosters in all areas from fighters to miners except those that want to be bandits and pirates (we don’t like them) :) We will be using a ranking system for our pilots and a chain of command. Our players must be 18 plus. You need to be able to work well with others and follow direction as we’re military guild and most importantly, love to joke around and have fun.

Our Divisions consist of :

  • Security Services Division – Defense, Escort, and Bounty Hunting
  • Exploration, Transport and Trading Services Division – Explorers, Traders and Miners
  • Diplomacy Services Division – Setting up Alliances (Secondary Duty)
  • Financial Services Division – Tracking all financial aspects of the organization (Secondary Duty)

Currently our wings consist of :

  • Alpha Wing (Fighters)
  • Beta Wing (Fighters)
  • Echo Wing (Support) – Is for our support pilots that have no intention on fighting or do not own a ship capable of dog fighting.
  • Whiskey Wing (Combat Support) – Whiskey Wing is comprised of our Explores, Traders and Miners but also own a ship and will answer the call of battle if needed.

Some other things to note:

We believe in good team work to get the job done efficiently and safely
We are a Neutral Organization to ensure we can get the job done within UEE Law
Once we accept a contract we will finish it
We believe the quality out weighs the mass quantity of mediocre pilots in bigger organizations


North American Defense Force


The main backbone of our guild first and forthmost is to be competitive and have fun. We do not condone piracy in our guild and anyone caught being a pirate will need to explain themselves to the guild or face immediate removal. As we will be in UEE Space or supportive of UEE and follow their laws to most extents. We are a neutral guild so smuggling certain items are not frowned up but we will never deal in human smuggling or narcotics.

We have also not decided on a section of space to call home yet, but as stated above we will follow the laws of the UEE in any system we decide to call home. We also prefer our members to be exclusive with us but understand this is not always an option for everyone. We will allow our members to be in multiple organizations, but you may have reduced or less secure roles in NADF. You must also respect each guild your apart of and leave their secrets, resources and guild tags with them.

Our guild will follow a democratic government with an organization style structure. As just with any democratic government, the members will be the ones that control the direction the charter goes. If any policies need to be added, changed, or removed; it will be the members that decide that as a whole. The government side of the house will be made up of the leader and officers from each division. These are the people that will ensure the rules are followed, and jobs are handed out to their teams.

Exploration, Trade, Commerce, Finances and Diplomacy will be apart of the Administration Section of the organization. The Security and Intelligence divisions will be apart of the Military Section.

The military will be very similar to the way the old Armerican Army and Canadian Forces conducts business policies and promotions. The officers and I will meet a few times a year and decide who is ready for a promotion and has earned an award to be presented to him at a quarterly guild parade.

Officer Quarters

The officer section will comprise of 2+ member from each division but this could change depending on the size of the division. An officer plus his squadron leader but some divisions like Defense may have more than one squadron leader due to the possible size and different sections within it.

As the general it is my job to fill each division with high ranking officers. There will be discussion with other officers on this These officers will then be the one to decide based on a members service, if they will be promoted or demoted and then pass the recommendation to me for discussion with my deparment heads.


Our allies will be chosen based on a vote by the guild and will come from the diplomacy department after they have done their research. We need to ensure we are picking allies that will be there for us or benefit us. We do not want to take on too many allies that are not beneficial to our cause.


There are a lot of primary and secondary positions available in the guild for all of our games. Not everyone is officer material or likes to be one. Some of the key positions that will need to be filled range from leadership, diplomats, pilots, soldiers and whatever other role we require as time goes on.

As every pilot, soldier or staff member has a variety of different skills and no one knows what your capable of better than yourself. Whether you want to be a tradesman, soldier, pilot or or another administrative position. We will have a position for you, and if you are looking to become a leader of your section, or advance within the guild then we will help you achieve those goals.


Security Services Division

Our Military will be the back bone of our operations. Its primary focus will be broken into three sections.
- Defense
- Protection and Escort
- Bounty Hunting
During Alpha and Beta or even other games like War Thunder we can see who our skilled pilots will be. No one will be limited to just one division as when duty calls you may have to park your freighter and prepared to defend our territory unless your one damn awesome freighter pilot.

Exploration, Transport and Trading Services Division

ETT Divisions main purpose is to explore the vast universe, look for jump gates, mining locations and profitable trading centers. They will have a bigger role when we learn more details.

Diplomacy Services Division

Diplomacy will be a key section for us, and this is not a position that everyone will like or can even do. It will take someone that is very good in communication as well as hammering out deals and alliances with other guilds. The diplomat must find the ally, put a potential offer forward and then bring it back to the guild for the members to vote on. Ones work could be for nothing if the members do not agree.

Financial Services Division

Guild property will be overseen by our financial section. One reason we want a financial section is to give people a peace of mind knowing that not one person in the guild (like the leader or officers) has total control over everything. We are still working on the details for this at this time but some of the things they will oversee are:
- Current Guild Assets
- Guild Credits
- Spacecraft purchases and upgrades
- Base Purchases


1. All NADF members are expected to follow the laws of the the organziation and UEE. Forgoing this and engaging in criminal activities could lead to being expelled from the guild. 2. It is not mandatory but is encouraged for all members to participate in guild operations.
3. All members should treat everyone with professionalism as your actions will reflect on the guild as a whole. This includes your chain of command and the general public.
4. All members have the right to vote, it is not mandatory but encouraged.
5. Members holding a leadership position will not abuse their powers or will face demotion or even expulsion from the guild.
6. Members engaging in treason will be severely punished.
7. Remember we are not pirates so we do not kill the innocent.

Members will get access to our Spectrum forums and private Teamspeak voice server.

If you are interested in becoming a part of a guild and any of these points interest you, then contact us at this email address.

The Charter can only be amended by a vote from the members, voting will take place during a length of time through polls. One a vote has been completed; the new amendment will become law in our guild immediately.

All policy or rule changes must be voted by the members with the exception of the Intelligence Division.

The Intelligence Division must operate with secrecy, for some of its missions or the way it conducts itself. For everything else the upper chain of command in the guild cannot change any policy without the support of the members.