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Roberts Space Industries


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Welcome to NanoCorp and it’s subsidiaries!

NanoCorp services include but are not limited to:

NanoCabs Taxi Services

NanoRides Ship Rental Services

NanoSquad Security Services

NanoSassins SpecOps Services

NanoGuides Information & Tutorial Services


Established in Alpha 2.5


Welcome to NanoCorp Services!

NanoCabs Taxi Services:

Need a ride to Grim Hex without spoiling your good name? Call NanoCabs!
We are now providing guided tours of Grim Hex interior upon request!

NanoRides Ship Rental Services:

Tired of flying around in a busted old Aurora or glitchy Mustang? Call NanoRides!
Try out one of our brand new AGES Avenger Titans with fully upgraded weaponry!

NanoSquad Security Services:

Need a wingperson to watch your ship while EVA out to an uplink or beacon? Call NanoSquad!
We send out our top pilots to fly by your side!

NanoSassins SpecOps Services:

Need a particular individual gone for a few minutes? Call NanoSassins!
We get the job done or die trying!

NanoGuides Information & Tutorial Services:

Need help getting out of bed? Stuck in your pilot seat? Call NanoGuides!
We have all the Knows and the Hows!

Take Advantage of our Special Alpha 3.9 Rates!


Terms & Conditions:
NanoCorp and its subsidiaries are not responsible for losses do to disconnection, lag, or other server errors or glitches.

Public Advisory Warning:
NanoCorp Services pilots have been drinking! Use at your own discretion!