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The Nansen Club / NANSEN

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Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930), was a famed explorer, scientist, diplomat and humanitarian.

The Nansen Club consists of people who explore the galaxy to gather knowledge that is vital to humanity’s survival and development as a species.

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Membership of the Nansen Club is bestowed upon renowned explorers of proven merit, and is an honour reserved for those of particular worth and high skill in this field.

The Nansen Club’s flagship, the USSE “Ginnungagap” is a fully equipped luxury exploration vessel – a 600i from Origin Jumpworks – which features a robust scanning station as well as a variety of utility hardpoints.

The organisation’s remaining fleet consists of ships of a variety of types and sizes, including a Consolidated Outland Pioneer. Crew positions are frequently available on both short and long missions into the unknown.

The Nansen Club also welcomes explorers who value their independence and prefer to work from their own ships or bases, using their own resources.

Ad explorandum est hominum!