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Economical Resource Systems Inc. / NLVOC

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Economical Resource Systems Inc.*


— Our latest Achievement —

Jan 4th 2947

*E.R.S. Aces:

  • Lt. General Falcon༻
  • Gw3n_n0w༻
    Nevan Blade༻
    Farewell Red༻



Founded in the same year the new RSI engine was released (read more…), leading to more and faster intra-solar space travel , a profitable trade route was established between earth and the recently founded colonies on terraformed Mars (read more…) .


After humanity succesfull traverses the first jumppoint (read more…) , the ERS Inc. expands traderoutes to the Creshaw system, trading with the newly formed colonies there and supporting terraforming activities.


Immediately after first contact (read more…) , ERS Inc. establishes a firm traderoute with the Banu. Trading with the Banu Protectorate proves to be very profitable as the Banu, a trading focused race, see this ERS Inc. partnership as mutual beneficial.


ERS Inc. opens office on Baachus, the Banu homeplanet and receives their first Banu Merchantment trading ship (read more…) as a gift from the Banu protectorate.


VOC moves its head office to Jata on Cestulus (Davien II) in the Davien system (read more…)


ERS Inc. has established stable trade routes to planets in the 12 known systems, trading everything that will make a good profit. VOC Merchant Kavi Tolar is questioned for several days by the Advocacy about slave trading in the Null system (read more…) , after his release he disappears to never be seen again.


The Merchantmen ‘ERS Inc. Terranova’ loaded with terra forming hardware was boarded and captured by a Xi’an boarding force over a terra forming dispute (read more…) . After extensive mediation by Banu and UPE ambassadors, the vessal was released. However the cargo was taken.


The ERS Inc. opens office in Corilla on Xi in the Rilah system (read more…) . By doing this the cross species trading with the Xi’an and the Bani is significantly increased and profits are rising.


Big part of the ERS Inc. fleet is being chartered by the UEE for the transport of military, weapons and medicine to the Elysium system. The battles during the First Tevarin War (read more…) proved to be very profitable! Lots of ‘good earned’ credits where made doing neutral trade with multiple parties during this intense period.


After the great Battle of Centaury (read more…) that ended the 2nd Great Tevarin War, Tevarin shielding tech was salvaged by ERS Inc. from the wreckages left behind by the fleeing forces of Corath’Thal (read more…) . Although this acquired shielding tech had a very high trading value, not all was converted into profit. A substantial amount of this alien tech was integrated into the ERS Inc. trade ships making them even more strong and resilient.


ERS Inc. is the first UEE corporation to set up office on Kaleeth, homeplanet of the Tevarin. Although this strategic move caused some intense debate in the UEE Senate where the word ‘treason’ was mentioned several times, the Imperator’s himself intervened by stating : ‘Although provocative, I consider this the right way to move ahead finding common ground with the Tevarin and paving the way for lasting peace among the different races’. It is rumored that at the same time 12.000 freight units of 200 year old Tevarin Malt were delivered on earth at the Imperator’s palace at irregular intervals.


A ERS Inc. trading caravan of 6 Banu Mechantrmen with accompanying defensive protectors was totally obliterated by an overwhelming Vanduul attack force. ERS-protector Doana Lass manages to establish communications with Vanduul war command and gets compensated. Extensive investments were made into ERS Inc. defensive capabillities.


Multiple enforced presumed ERS Inc. ships bust a blockade of the Imperator’s elite forces to drop a small insurgent force lead by Erin Tol on Earth that consequently will overthrow Imperator Messer XIX. It is said that ERS-Protector Angor Lass was personally involved piloting one of the Merchantmen ships at the time.


ERS-Protector Angor Lass was awarded the ‘peace star’ because of his efforts and work on the Ark, facilitating a peacfull and neutral environment for the Human, Banu, Xi’an, Tevarin workers and diplomats. (read more…)


Today .. we still trade anything that renders a profit, and are always finding ways to even more profitable trade routes to new systems and species. There are rumors of ‘first trade’ with the ‘unkown’ Kr’Thak, but this can not be confirmed.


Explore, Salvage and Trade

The ERS Inc. is a corporation of merchants doing trade all around the known and ‘unknown’ systems in the verse. We trade anything that can render us good profit while doing our utmost to respect all living species and creatures.

We have our own exploring fleet, continuously scanning for new jump points that could lead to new salvaging grounds for precious elements and alient tech with a high trading value.

To accompany our many trading vessels and our exploring / salvaging fleet, we command our own defensive force, that is known to be reckoned with.

We are not affiliated with one particular government, organisation or race and only swear allegiance to our own.

The ERS Inc. is managed by the ‘Board of Merchants’ with the ERS-Protector as its chairman.



We have our own covert sub-space communications relay (“Discord – Language Dutch) to coordinate and communicate during our trades and other missions.

Trusted ERS Inc. trade partners with the right credentials and motivations are also given access to use our relay.



Transcript UEE-ADVC-2525-05-14-032

2525, 14th of May

Earth – Sol System, Advocacy Headquarters

Mister Tolar, in the light of all this evidence presented before you, you still dare to deny that you transported slaves into the Nul system!

I stick to my first statement, dear Chancellor. The people we were moving, were legitimate workers for the sulfur mines in Char on Cole. All the permits checked out and where even validated by the same Advocacy you are part of. The transport was ordered by Balrag Denleck, CEO of the Char Mining Company and was paid for with good credits.

We all know that the Char Mining Company on Cole is one big farce and a cover-up for the largest slave trading venture in the Nul system. Mister Denleck is known to be the biggest slave trader in that dark corner of space!

I have no knowledge about that, Your Honour.

I am sure you don’t , Mister Tolar!

Constable! Please bring forth the next witness.

Our trusted witness tells us that you were seen in the bar ‘Imperator’s demise’ in New Amsterdam on Earth on the 26th of February this year, offering a bribe to the same Advocacy agent that later validated the fake slave working permits.

Then your trusted witness should definitely get a new pair of glasses! Because on the 26th, I was present at a meeting of the ERS Inc.‘Board of Merchants’ at VOC head office on Cestelus. Any ERS-Merchant should be able to confirm that and – by the way – they were industrial workers Your Honour, not slaves.

“Grmph” {Grumpy sound}, we will look into that right way mister Tolar! Please excuse me as I am going to make some important long-distance sub-space calls.

Mister Tolar, it seems your story checks out. All ERS-Merchants we contacted confirm you attended that meeting. I even got a personal statement from ERS-Protector Felrick Druman in which he states that on the 26th of Februari, you and him had diner in the Coral Observatory in Jata, discussing personal matters, that – of course – are none of my concern. My true appologies for this tragic misunderstanding!

No problem at all Mister Chancellor. I hold no grudge against the Advocacy. You understand however, that I expect to be fully compensated for loss of venue and reputation.

Of course Mister Tolar, you are free to go.

Constable! Please escort Mister Tolar to his ship and make sure he is adequately compensated right away!


some weeks earlier …

2525, 26th of February

Earth – Sol System, Some shady bar in Old Amsterdam

ehm… Excuse me for my behaviour Mister, eh… Mister. I am kinda nervous about this whole situation. Are you sure this is a safe place ?

Kavi Tolar is my name Mister Oty. And yes! Although a bit smelly, this nice little bar is a good place for our trade. You can rest assured that you are the only one from the Advocacy found within miles from here. But if you are not willing to proceed the VOC would have no problem with that.

No no! Of course not. Just a bit jumpy thats all.

Right. So everything is arranged and in place?

Yes sir, Mister Merchant. You are aware that moving slaves is a highly punishable offense?

Industrial workers, Mister Oty, industrial workers.

If you say so. Do you have the credits we aggreed upon?

It is all here Mister Oty. ERS-Protector Felrick Druman sends his personal thanks and has put in some 1st class tickets for the 890 flying the golden route into the Orion system. I was also instructed to mention that your son will find his new and polished M50 in his hangar on Terra.

Thank you so much Mister Tolar!

Do not thank me, thank the ERS Mister Oty! Nice doing business with you, Fare well.



Transcript VOC-SEC-2734-034

2734, 7th of October

Cestelus – Davien System, some ERS Inc. Safehouse

Excuse me, Madam Protector.

Yes, what is it Lara?

Darcellus just called in and said that they have established contact on a secured sub-space channel using the 3rd Tevarin Relay in Elysium system.

Splendid! Did he get through to War Command of the Vulture Tribe?

I believe not ma’am. It seems they are a bit agitated because we forced our channel into their com-system. They are now back-tracing us and threat to, I quote : “Vanduul Kill You All DEAD !” as soon as they have located us.

“Sigh” Always on the kill, those Vanduul. They will never change. But they will pay plenty for their latest ignorent mistake!

How shall we proceed ma’am?

Send this message : “To General T’hak Thar! .STOP. You attacked ERS Inc. traders! .STOP. ERS-3400EA665 – 56 Anvil weapon systems will not be delivered! .STOP. ERS-3400G5245 – 24 Tevarin SH-0EE05 systems will not be delivered! .END.”

Ok Madam Protector, I will notify Darcellus immediately.

Thanks love.

It seems we got their attention now, Madam Protector.

Nice sweet sweet Vanduul. Tell them the price of each of their orders just went up with the amount of 750.000 UEC, to compensate for our losses. You could also mention that, if they refuse to pay, they can forget doing any business with the ERS for a very, very long time.

Are you sure about that ma’am? The vanduul render a very good profit!

Yes I know dear, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

We have received the funds from the Vanduul ma’am.

Good! Order the delivery of the goods immediately.

Will do Madam Protector.

And Lara?

Yes ma’am?

Make sure the families of our fallen companions get compensated for their losses before the goods are send.

Yes ma’am!


The ERS Inc. Trading Code

  • Always make profit.
  • Make real effort respecting all living species and creatures while making profit.
  • Always help ERS Inc. companions, take care of our own, and make profit together.
  • We don’t do murder, stealing or scam while trading ‘fairly’ and making profit.
… self-defense is allowed, as is self-preservation.
  • Killing a pirate is NOT murder.
  • Being a pirate is a mortal sin.
… and will inevitably be followed by termination of contract ( … and execution )
  • Forbidden goods do not exist.
  • UEE Citizenship is highly overrated and not required.
  • All races are accepted.
  • “We got no members in prison”.
… (official ERS Inc. statement) … so do not get caught while making profit!
  • Earn credits, credits, credits.
  • Make profit , profit, profit.
Any disputes will be discussed and judged by the ‘Board of Merchants’.